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Technical Difficulties

Clearly, the podiverse must be trying to tell me something. Even after successful testing, and no apparent audio glitches during the phone interview with Lauren & Emira, the finished interview had such mad interference on playback that it’s completely unusable….


CRL Season 2–Promo Giveaway!

What time is it?  It’s CRL time!  What time is it?  It’s giveaway time! (Sorry, the new Mac commercial with the cheerleaders was just on, and it stuck). WEll, we’re down a phone recording device and a sound engineer but…


Bass Yourself!

I finally finished the first draft of Catwalk Crochet over the weekend, so now feel like I can take a few moments to bask in the glow of awesomeness, that is my new bass guitar. *holding for basking* I’ve been…