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Technical Difficulties

Clearly, the podiverse must be trying to tell me something. Even after successful testing, and no apparent audio glitches during the phone interview with Lauren & Emira, the finished interview had such mad interference on playback that it’s completely unusable….


CRL Season 2–Promo Giveaway!

What time is it? Β It’s CRL time! Β What time is it? Β It’s giveaway time! (Sorry, the new Mac commercial with the cheerleaders was just on, and it stuck). WEll, we’re down a phone recording device and a sound engineer but…


Bass Yourself!

I finally finished the first draft of Catwalk Crochet over the weekend, so now feel like I can take a few moments to bask in the glow of awesomeness, that is my new bass guitar. *holding for basking* I’ve been…