Politics, Podcasts & the Paranormal

Happy Super Tuesday, fellow political fanatics! Texas primaries aren’t for another month but we’ll be watching the 24 states who do get to participate today, with bated breath. I swear, election coverage has become like addictive reality television for me.  I’ve had the “Yes We Can” video playing constantly on my laptop all morning.  What can I say, some people love a good football game, I love a good race for office.

Unrelated to politics, the other programming that I’m obsessed with is all of the ghost-related shows that have been popping up all over TV world lately. When I was a kid, while other children wanted to grow up to be doctors, teachers and firefighters–I wanted to be a parapsychologist. Seriously. I’m still fascinated with anything having to do with the paranormal, so the new line-up on the Discovery, History and Travel channels is totally my new B/F/F. 😉 Has anyone been watching the Haunting series? The “A Haunting in Connecticut” episode totally freaked me out! Paranormal State and Ghost Hunters are also great. But I digress.

So the real reason I’m posting today is that I’m gearing up to start pre-production on Season Two of my podcast, CRL (Craft.Rock.Listen).  Since it was the first season, the last time around I just basically begged a few of my friends to come on as guests/sponsors/resources, etc.  This time, I’d like to open it up a bit to include an even wider range of peeps that might be interested in being a part of the show.

Here’s what I’m looking for:
Anyone doing something cool in the craft world.  Got a book coming out?  Working on a new project?  Got a topic you’re passionate about?  Great!  Have an art/pop-culture/music/eco tie-in?  Double great!
E-mail suggestions or pitches to: podcast@vickiehowell.com
Publishers & craft companies: send me new books, issues or craft-related tools that you’d like reviewed for the T3 segment of the podcast.
PO Box 151386
Austin, TX 78745
Both On-Air and web ad space available that will run for the entire season!  We offer both indie & corporate sponsorship options for the podcast as well as very affordable Blogad space (look to your right to see examples of current advertisers).
E-mail: rebecca@vickiehowell.com for rates.
I’m aiming to get this round of CRL up and running by late March/early April so, I’ll need to get episodes in place within the next month–please contact us by NO LATER THAN February 28th if you’re interested in being a part of CRL, season 2.
If anyone missed Season One which included guests: Kathy Cano-Murillo (Crafty Chica), Adrienne Armstrong (Atomic Garden/Adeline Records), Will Forte (SNL), Jennifer Perkins (Craft Lab/Naughty Secretary Club), Adina Klein (Vogue Knitting), Debbie Stoller (BUST Magazine/Stitch N’ Bitch books), and Kelley Deal (The Breeders/Bags that Rock)–it can still be heard on my website or iTunes.   Give it a listen!

8 Responses to “Politics, Podcasts & the Paranormal”

  1. diva mcknitster

    hey someone else out there likes paranormal state! i thought it was just me and my hubby (penn state’s his alma mater. i tease him about his school having an actual ghostbusters team).

    i’m so excited to hear about the new season of podcasts! you could read a knitting pattern for thirty minutes and it’d be cool!

  2. Roe

    YAY!!! More CRL!!

    I was also a huge ghostie fan when I was a kid; I had a bunch of those “fun fact” books and books of true ghost stories put out by Dynamite magazine. 😀 I’ve watched a bit of “Haunting,” but Will (the 8-year old) and I have been digging Ghost Hunters big time.

  3. Theresa

    Hi Vickie,
    Thanks so much for posting the “Yes We Can” video link. I’ve sent it around.


    This is a link of Barack’s awesome speech in Hartford the day before our primary. We were extremely moved, as I am sure you will be, too. I’m proud to say he WON our state yesterday (although sadly he lost our town)! These primaries are so important…a lot of folks wait until the presidential vote, but primary votes are key in deciding WHO you will vote for in the presidential election. Everyone needs to try and make their voice heard NOW!

    Congrats on moving forth with season 2 of your podcast…I really loved the first season. I’ll try and think of topics…and send them your way.

    Rock on!

  4. Anonymous

    Ya for more CRL!!! I can’t think of anyone inparticular that you should have. I did love listening to Adrienne Armstrong and Will Forte. Maybe more like them.
    monica (divinem on ravelry)

  5. Tonya

    We love A Haunting at our house. My children are homeschooled and they plan their lunch break so they can watch this show. I have always been fascinated with “ghost” stories as well.