CRL Season Finale with Kelley Deal of The Breeders!

Holiday festivities got you frazzled? Furiously wrapping presents and cleaning house? Need a little audio Calgon to take you away? Well lovies, I am here to serve! It’s Thursday and therefore, CRL day. Listen to it. Love it. Breathe it. Ok, the latter isn’t really realistic or required, but the former two would be much appreciated.
Oh, and I apologize in advance for the cackle levels being on “11” towards the end of the interview portion. Ms. Kelley was killing me. Killing me! Okgoodthanksbye.

Episode 007: Book Deal!
Kelley Deal

Me and Kelley on the set of Knitty Gritty in 2005

Guest: Kelley Deal (The Breeders/Author of upcoming Bags that Rock!)

Topic: Trials, triumphs and tribulations of writing a knitting book. Kelley and I swap tales from the book writing trenches and talk about upcoming projects including Kelley’s upcoming knitted handbag how-to and the much anticipated Breeders return album, Mountain Battles.

Format: Interview with Kelley, T3 segment (This episode’s segment focuses on tips from my own book editor on putting together the perfect proposal!), and season ending comments and thank yous.

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Well folks I can hardly believe it but the 7 weeks are up, so that’s a wrap for Craft.Rock.Listen, this season! I had a great time co-producing this podcast with my husband Dave, and am thrilled that people seemed to dig it. We haven’t decided yet whether or not to come back for a season two, but will discuss it after the holidays. Since it takes loads of work to put these together every week, we want to make sure that there’s a.) enough great, available guests and show ideas to fill up another 7 episode run and, b.) that there’s the demand for more shows. Sooooo, we would love and appreciate your feedback, to help us make that decision. If you liked what you heard from CRL and want to hear more and/or have suggestions for what you’d like to hear in a future show, please e-mail us at: OR just post your ideas here on this blog.

Thanks to all of my guests: Kathy Cano-Murillo, Adrienne Armstrong, Will Forte, Jennifer Perkins, Adina Klein, Debbie Stoller and Kelley Deal, for taking time out of their hectic schedules to chat with little o’l me. Your friendship and support makes me feel all gushy inside.

If you missed any of their episodes, the entire CRL season one, is available on my website and on iTunes.

Thank you and good night! 😉


5 Responses to “CRL Season Finale with Kelley Deal of The Breeders!”

  1. tina

    I really enjoyed the season of CRL and thank you VERY much for all of the hard work that went into them.

    I think that I appreciated the pods mostly because they were such a nice mix of craft and personality as well as lots of fun to listen to.

    Thanks again!

  2. diva mcknitster

    hey vickie, love the podcasts…i love kelley deal so this one should be a treat! i hope you can keep the podcasts (even if it’s once a month) after the new year – i miss me my new KGs and this is the next best thing.

    have a great holiday!

  3. Nat Red Knits

    Vickie I LOVE your Pods casts!!! (See my review on Itunes)
    They are by far the best I ever heard. Entertaining, informative and professional.
    I agree even a once a month would be better than none.

  4. Sarah

    Dear Vickie

    I enjoyed CRL very much. I appreciated the high production values, the focussed interviewing and range of topics covered. Which is a refreshing change to the amateur world of podcasts.

    CRL is probably the glitziest knitting podcast there is – given the calibre of guests.Take your time getting the next season set up, the attention to detail and the effort gone into it is appreciated.

    Long may it continue!