Last, Last Call with Vickie Howell?

I got the 2008 first quarter schedule in the mail last week and since I was expecting it, seeing the Knitty Gritty time slot made me giggle. For those of you playing along at home, on the west coast, I’ll be on after Last Call with Carson Daily. If we keep the 2am position and go back into production, maybe they’ll let me start having bands on like the other late night shows. πŸ˜‰

On a different note, I think I might’ve been too vague with my request in the last post about whether or not people are interested in me coming back with a season 2. We really do want your comments and input, so here are a few things that might be helpful to consider when posting here or e-mailing us at:

  • Do you think CRL should be left as a solid 7-part series, or do you see it as an on-going show?
  • Were you happy with the overall content or would you like to see a change in format (ie. longer/shorter interviews, small projects, a Q&A write-in, more/less commentary by me etc.)
  • What guests would you like us to try and have on the show (this season since it was new, I had to rely heavily on having my wonderful friends on in order to fill the spots and gain sponsors, but would love to have a mix of friends and strangers in the future.)
  • This season we covered, designing for mags, craft book writing, feminism, eco-crafting, making money with your craft, crafting for the holidays and men who knit. What topics would you find interesting to hear about in the future?
  • Any other comments, questions, general outrage?

Thanks, party people!

Happy weekend!


19 Responses to “Last, Last Call with Vickie Howell?”

  1. Horse 'n' Round

    Yes, absolutely bring on a season 2! I’ve only discovered CRL recently and had a chance to listen to 1 episode, but looking forward to having some alone time to listen to the others.

    PLUS I’ve been really bummed at the holiday schedule DIY has been following, playing the same things over and over and over. I miss my Knitty Gritty and Uncommon Threads fix!

    Keep rockin’ and knittin’!

  2. Dave Lowe

    My idea’s for the future…


    -The Fellowship of the Craft
    -The Two Craft Minds (business & creative)
    -The Return of the Hand Made Craft

    CRL: THE KNITTER’s Trilogy

    -Ep.1 A New Knit Hope
    -Ep.2 The “Man” Strikes Back
    -Ep.3 Return of the Knitter

  3. Gwendolyn's Gifts

    I love the CRL podcast, and definitely think you should have another season.

    I was actually saddened when the podcast series was over. I think a full-blown season would be better. For me, 7 episodes just made me want to hear more (maybe that was the point…you sneaky thing, you!) I did like the frequency, but I got behind on listening so maybe a once a month installment would work out better.

    I really liked that you had your friends on. It made for a very comfortable interview, and gave some insight into your world. Of course, it was also great that your friends have a lot to say about the craft industry!

    Sorry so long! That’s my two cents! Thanks for giving us another way to get a crafty fix!

  4. SpinningErin

    Please, more Vicki Howell! Darn it, I just started listening! Perhaps some area-specific knitting scene stuff – perhaps a knitting trip or two – more interviews with cool crafty friends – impact of crafting on family – impact of family on craft – and so on and so forth. But whatever – more CRL, plz.

  5. Robyn

    Yes, yes, keep it going if you can. I loved your shows.

    I love hearing from everyone in the industry. How about some yarn companies on their visions for their yarn and where they get their inspiration. How about some great yarn stores and how they keep the business coming in. How about more designers and whats hot in the industry. More magazine editors and what craziness they have done to get an issue out.

    I just love hearing about people. I guess I’m a huge busybody- but oh well- I think people who are really passionate are fascinating.

    Keep up the fantastic work!

  6. Purple E

    Certainly, do more episodes!! πŸ™‚ I did enjoy the podcasts I listened to (I still have yet to listen to Debbie Stoller and Kelley Deal – holiday retail life constraints)

    I do enjoy your thoughts and I felt the chat with Adina K was just terrific. Great information and well done. You rocked the questions that day!

    thanks, Vickie, looking forward to more in the new year!

  7. TriSarahTops

    I think you should keep the podcast going. I only found out about it for the last episode, but I will definitely go back and listen to the rest. I enjoyed your talk with Debbie Stoller on Feminism, you both brought very interesting ideas to the conversation. I would like to see an episode about activist crafting, or crafts that make political statements.

  8. Carrie

    Hello Vickie!

    I would love to see CRL as an ongoing show. Once a week is fantastic, but if it meant a longer season, every two weeks or so would be just fine.

    I was very happy with the content. My only suggestion is to interview people who knit more than Will Forte. πŸ˜‰ It’s fun to hear from new designers, authors, bloggers, yarn companies, or anyone involved in fiber arts. And I love that you interview other people, but you seem to have so much you could share as well. Tell us more about your current projects, trips to the yarn store, struggles, triumphs, etc., if that sort of thing is not too personal.

    No outrage from me…just encouragement for you to continue to do your thang! We love hearing from you!!

  9. ladykrowyn79

    I hope that you keep up with the show! my 7 year old comes running when the theme song for Knitty Gritty starts up. He’s presently learning how to knit and because your show is on here while he’s in school, he set two of the three DVR’s in our house to record it!

    I also started watching your show when I was first trying to figure out how to knit and it’s saved me quite a bit of time and frustration.

  10. onefoldershort

    love the content — can you compress it so the size of the file is smaller?

  11. Kate

    I don’t knit but I’ll admit to having knitters envy. I watch Knitty Gritty as if I know what you folks are doing…very entertaining. If I knew where to start I’d join in too! Great show, keep it up!

  12. Anonymous

    I always tivo’d Knitty Gritty so won’t miss them if they are on late, just keep us posted. I stopped when all the repeats started though there are a couple of shows I watch over and over to get a technique.
    As far as CRL is concerned, I love listening as you talk about different topics like feminism with different kinds of folks. They seem a bit edgier than most and that is a relief. Like Adina being a touch grouchy on a monday – aren’t we all! Maybe because you are their friend, they let their hair down. Or maybe your honesty brings them out.
    Best of luck with whatever you do.

  13. Sandie

    I just started watching The Knitty Gritty last year when you had it on all night. Since then I started taping and now it is gone! I’ve asked HGTV and DIY to give me more Knitty Gritty. I even tried my first pair of socks after watching your show. I really miss it. Please come back. πŸ™

  14. jessicaknits

    just keep more CRL coming. Longtime fun of KG and your podcasts were great. The variety of content is right on. more of the same please!

  15. Sorka

    WOW I thought I commented on this.. oh well.. we are all over the time slot thing.. we are gearing up to go ‘Jericho’ on the network! MWAH HAHAHHA

    And glad to see that CRL is coming back for another season!!


  16. Anonymous

    I’m in KG withdrawal! I’m here in the frozen tundra of Northern Indiana where it seems winter will NEVER end and I’m lost without being able to TIVO your new episodes! Wishing I had an iPod so I could check out the podcasts!

  17. Anonymous

    I love knitty gritty!!! Please bring it back! Who else do I need to write to!!!!