CRL Season 2–Promo Giveaway!

What time is it?  It’s CRL time!  What time is it?  It’s giveaway time! (Sorry, the new Mac commercial with the cheerleaders was just on, and it stuck).

WEll, we’re down a phone recording device and a sound engineer but we’re still aiming for launching season 2, next Thursday the 22nd—ish.  May the crafty Gods be with us!  In the meantime though, hows about a little swap?  You give CRL a little pimping action on your blog or website, and I give you free yarn.  Whaddya say, are you in?

The first 50 people to post this banner (either copy this image or cut and paste the code here)
AND e-mail, will have a ball of VHC Rock delivered to their doorstep.
Don’t wait, free stuff always goes fast!
Craft. Rock. Post.

28 Responses to “CRL Season 2–Promo Giveaway!”

  1. Brianna

    How exciting! Another chance to win a ball of yarn for something I would have promoted anyway. 🙂

    The last ball of yarn inspired me to submit a design to Interweave Crochet, so I would love to see what the next ball did.

    Hope you’re well!

  2. diva mcknitster

    hi vickie! i think the cut and paste worked this time…check me out!

    thanx for sponsoring the giveaways…they give me something to look forward to in these lean times.

  3. s glasscock

    what a great idea!
    i just put up the banner in my blog and sent the email.
    i can’t wait to hear the new podcast!

  4. s glasscock

    i don’t know if my comment posted… so here’s another try;)

    this is a great idea! and i can’t wait for the podcast.

    i put up the banner on my blog and emailed… i hope i’m a winner:)

  5. Suzie

    so say i post it on my myspace but my myspace is private? or my blog but my blog is private how will you know i posted it?

  6. diandra

    yes! honestly, everytime i open itunes i check to see if there’s a new crl = addicted.

    you rock my socks for six long blocks.

  7. Cindy

    No knitting blog yet for me, but had to comment and say I can’t wait for the new season!! LOVED listening to you and your guests (esp. Will and Debbie)!

    Thanks for the heads up–it’s on the calendar for morning download on the 22nd!

    Take care, Cindy M.

  8. SandraTee

    I’ve posted the banner and sent Rebecca an email – thanks for the podcast and an opportunity to win yarn!

  9. My Little Corner

    I put it up. Can’t wait to listen to the new season, just in time for summer – sitting in the lounge chair, enjoying the rays and listening to CRL!

  10. Callie

    Love the podcast! I just figured out how to post it; I hope I’m not too late to win!

  11. robyn

    hey there vickie! i posted a link and the banner on my site the other day, but totally forgot to post here about it@