Five Fiber Crafts for Kids, Teens, and Beyond!

Five Free Fiber Crafts for Kids | Vickie Howell

Five Fiber Crafts for Kids, Teens, and Beyond!

Hey, fellow parents, grandparents, and care-takers! Suddenly found yourselves at home with your mini-mes, at least for the time being? Whether you and yours are just hanging-out for Spring Break or sheltering in place due to COVID-19, there’s no better time than now to keep our hands busy. I’ve got you!

Here are five fiber crafts for kids, teens, and beyond. Wishing you at least a few stress-reduced moments while your kids are making projects, instead of making you crazy. #kiddingnotkidding. 

Twister Finger knit scarf by Vickie Howell

1. Finger Knit Twister Scarf

This project has been a longtime favorite in our family. I originally created a version of this for Craftzine, back when my now 20-year-old was still in elementary school, then recreated the version you see here for my 2015 book, Finger Knitting FunThe Twister Scarf is a great craft for a range of ages and is also a perfect use for those yarn scraps! (Recommended age: 5 and up.)


Fiber Crafts for Kids | Intro to Weaving

2. Wee Woven Wall Hanging

No loom needed here! This project is made with a paper straw and some washi (or masking) tape to keep strands taught while your kiddo gets weaving! (Recommended age: 7 and up.)


Fiber Crafts for Kids | Twine Mason Jars

3. Mason Jar Twine Vases

From gluing strands to knitting a cozy, twine can be a great material for all levels of crafter to try. Teamed-up with a jar from the pantry, and some fresh flowers, this project will brighten up any space. (Recommended age: 3 and up, with adult help.)


Fiber Crafts for Teens | Scrap yarn Bangles

4. Sari Scrap (or any yarn) Bangles

A bangle blank (or glued strip of cardboard) will live its best bracelet life with some colorful yarn crocheted over it! (Recommended age: 8 and up.) For crochet help, check out my YouTube channel’s “Get Schooled: Crochet” playlist.


Fiber Crafts for Teens | Macrame Cord Charger

5. Macramé Charger Cord

Add a little flair to your phone charger with some cotton yarn or embroidery floss and a simple macrame stitch. (Recommended age: 10 and up.)


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