Finger Knit Scarf

Twister Finger knit scarf by Vickie Howell

Twister Finger Knit Scarf

In the past, I’ve had little luck getting my sons interested in learning to knit.  Even when presented with *jazz hands*, in their eyes, my needles make much better swords than crafty tools.  Alas.  When summer vacation hits, however, a mom has to get creative in order to keep the kids busy.  It’s time to approach the situation from a different angle: keep the knitting; ditch the needles! 

Finger knitting is a great way to keep little hands busy, while creating long cords in a flash!  Kids dig it because it’s faster and less cumbersome than traditional knitting.  Once knitted, the cords can be made into things like googly-eyed snakes, purse handles, gift ribbons, or the Twister Scarf seen here.  Hey, don’t just sit there, let your fingers do the knitting!

How-To Finger Knit


Twister Finger Knit Scarf Directions


3 different colors of the same weight yarn

Tapestry Needle (optional)


  • Finger knit 1, 48” cord in each of the 3 colors.
  • Tape the ends of all 3 cords down to a table or the floor.
  • Braid cords together.
  • Using tapestry needle and a strand of yarn, sew an “X” at either end of the braid to

tack the cord pieces together.  Alternatively, you can skip the sewing and just knot the ends.

  • Trim yarn tails to about 1”-2”


Finger Knitting Fun!

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Finger Knitting Fun by Vickie Howell