How to Macrame Charger Cord

How to make a #macrame charger cord | Vickie Howell for Visible | How to macrame over something.

Macramรฉ Charger Cord

Need a weekend project? How about a macramรฉ  ๐Ÿ”Œ charger cord? Using scraps of yarn from your stash, and one simple stitch, make your cord more visible! Never again will those pesky kids you live with, or the strangers youโ€™re jockeying with for charging time at the airport, be able to claim your cord as theirs. โฃIt’s easy … and pretty. Ok, go!

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Macramรฉ Charger Cord: Watch the tutorial

Macramรฉ Charger Cord: How-To


Scraps of fingering or sock-weight yarn (or plain string). I used this.


Charger cord


  • Cut 2 strands each of yarn the length of charger cord, plus about 4″- 6″/10 cm – 15 cm. Cut 2 strands each of yarn  4ยฝ-5 TIMES the length of charger cord.
  • Arrange 4 strands so that the two shorter strands are sandwiched in the middle of the two longer strands. Holding strands together and leaving a long enough tail for a tassel, tie onto the top of charger cord using a double knot.
  • Begin Spiral Knot. STEP 1: Lay the left-hand strand OVER the center two strands.
    #Macrame Charger Cord: How to Make the Spiral knot
  • STEP 2: Lay the right-hand strand OVER the left-hand strand.
    #macrame charger cord: Spiral Knot
  • Step 3: Bring the right-hand strand UNDER the center strands and cord, 
    #macrame charger cord: spiral stitch.
  • and UP THROUGH the loop created by the left-hand strand.
    #macrame charger cord: spiral knot.
  • Step 4: Pull taught.
    #macrame charger cord: spiral knot
  • Repeat Steps 1-4, FIVE times total.
  • Twist yarn clockwise ยฝ turn.
  • Repeat process until cord is covered. Wrap and knot at end.
  • Trim end, and even out tassel.

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  1. Debbie

    so nice to see you in this video, already missing your Monday’s. Thanks for the project, Fun!