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Fellow ACMer and Stylelicious co-host Karly Hand, went and got herself hitched on Saturday night to a certain Mr. Matthew Gregory! The two love-birds exchanged vows in a short-but-sweet ceremony followed by an intimate party, both at an art gallery…


Seamus McGillicutty

Our wee, baby cat Seamus lost his struggle last night. He was a very sick kitten and even after 2 days on an IV and intensive care, his body continued to shut down on him. In the end, he got…


So KniTORIous

I don’t know what strange universe I’m living in that allows me to do the most random things all in the name of knitting but, I’m not going to question it–I’m just along for the ride! Last week I got…


Wee Bebes

I just got back from visiting my best friend Tammy and her new baby boy, Owen (aka the inspiration for the “B&B Baby” Kit). Owen’s a beautiful, perfect and nearly impossible-to-stop -staring-at, bundle of mushy goodness . I started snapping…


A Call to Yarns

I’m going cruise-azy not having a knitting project to work on while I’m in Knoxville! I left in a hurry for the airport, leaving behind my project bag. I seriously considered taking the 7 mile cab ride to the nearest…