Wee Bebes

I just got back from visiting my best friend Tammy and her new baby boy, Owen (aka the inspiration for the “B&B Baby” Kit). Owen’s a beautiful, perfect and nearly impossible-to-stop -staring-at, bundle of mushy goodness . I started snapping pictures of him early one morning and clearly tired of my antics, he flashed me this gesture. He was unamuuuuuuuused with the flash gong off in his face. Heheh.

As is evident from this picture, my mom is DYING for another grandchild. Now that I’m married again, she’s taken to text messaging me name ideas for her mythical, red-headed grand-daughter-to-be. I told her to bug my brother with that request. It’s his turn. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thankfully, since mom lives 10 minutes from Tam, she can get her fix for now via Sir O.

Speaking of babies, last weekend we drove up to Dallas for my SIL’s baby shower. Her son, Sam is due in June. Dave’s already informed her that he and I will be Sam’s “cool aunt and uncle” so to begin living up to that, we found him a wee pair of soft little shoes with flying “v” guitar appliquรฉs on them and I knit him this hat to match.

Yarn: VHC’s LOVE in colors, “June & Johnny” and “Jack & Sally”
Pattern: B&B Baby Set, available free w/ purchase at your LYS or for purchase as a kit, here.

The drive to Dallas from Austin takes about 4 hours (with stops), which was just about time enough to knit up a Sense & Sensible-knitty scarf as belated birthday gift for my MIL.

Yarn: VHC’s LOVE in color, “Andi & Blane”
Pattern: Free w/ VHC yarn purchase at your LYS

Alrighty, I’m late picking up web-gal Jenny for an early b-day brunch. Stay tuned tomorrow for a free wrist-warmer pattern!


15 Responses to “Wee Bebes”

  1. Roe

    How cute is that baby?? I love when they unwittingly (or so we think) flash little gestures like that, hee hee…

    I love the scarf, too, I think I may need to knit a few up for some outfits in my closet!

  2. DebbieKnitter

    OMG how can ya NOT comment when there is that adorable little beanie!! What a cutie pie, almost makes my ovaries hurt….almost LOL, then my toddler comes in screaming and crying and reality slaps me back again!!

  3. Vada

    Wrist warmers! Heck yes! (Could I use Napoleon and Deb? ๐Ÿ™‚ ) Cute pictures, love the hat and the scarf! I am so giddy about the wrist warmers, because I think they will be a few relatives’ Christmas presents. I’m really trying not to procrastinate this year. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. jaime

    OMG!!! that little bebe is totally flying the bird. things like that crack me up, that is until i hear my two year old mutter something unmentionable or holler “c’mon mommy” from his bed in the morning. kids.

  5. knittingdiva1

    First, a really big thank you for sharing the patterns for knits you wear on knitty gritty.
    Wow, you really do read comments on your blog, Awesome!!!!!!!!

    A request please. Knitsters who appear on Knitty Gritty tell about a “craft services table” and about how behind the scenes is like a party and it is so cool.
    Could you tell us what it is like behind the scenes and also do the knitsters who appear come bearing works in progress of their own related to the show they are on
    or do you provide them with that?
    Inquiring minds would love to know.
    Your #1 fan
    I’m already castin on for orange & cream wrap I had asked you about….GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!

  6. Jill

    That photo of Owen really needs to be put on a greeting card … the list of sentiments running through my mind are staggering.

    A “whoop-whoop” to the Wrapped Stitch Wristies! I was wandering all over the web looking for some free fingerless glove patterns – and these are perfect! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  7. Angie

    Oh my! That is too funny! But what’s even funnier is that in some strange way, he very innocently did it. Gosh, I love babies and all of their cuteness.

    Yes, you are not the only one with a Mother that won’t stop. I already have 2 girls and my Mom keeps wondering if she’s going to get a grandson any time soon.

  8. Roe

    In my case, it’s not my mom but my husband, who wants a girl “so someone’s on my side.” My two boys are all about Mommy! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Totally digging the wristies, I may need to cast on a few for Christmas gifts…

  9. Anonymous

    That pic is so funny! I have one of my oldest that I took when she was a couple of months old. She was wearing a little pair of baby sunglasses which would have been cute enough, but when we got the pic back, we notice she was flipping us off! Thought is was so funny I framed it!

  10. Vickie Howell

    Ronni–LOL. Since our show as a tiny budget, the Craft Service table isn’t all that exciting–just coffee, sodas, snacks, etc. It’s located in the common area though where the guests for the next 3 shows are rehearsing, and the art department is preparing props which is kind of a cool environment.
    The projects the Knitsters are working on each show really are knitted by them, we just provide them with supplies a few weeks ahead of time. Hope that answers your question! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Jill– If you’re looking for some more winter-y fingerless gloves, I also have “Glove Bites” up as a free pattern on the list to the left.


  11. Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl)

    Vickie, I’m a HUGE fan of you and the show! I caught you one day channel surfing and you made knitting look so fun and kewl I had to teach myself, So I did! I’ve been reading your blog for sometime but never posted a comment so decided this adorable baby and the photo of your MOM was reason enough! Now we know where you get that awesome Red hair that makes you, you!

    Rock on sista!
    Miss Mandi

  12. afrognamedpurl

    Vickie its super complecated to post from a blackberry ‘specially since i am new to blogs an stuff. Please check out my misplaced post on the ascot page from february sometime. Thanks!

  13. Tina

    I love your show and so do some of my Girl Scouts!! Our troop in Austin meet in one of the local coffee shops (for hot chocolate, of course) and the ones that already knit want to knit during our meetings. Two of them are Knitty Gritty fans! Thanks for the inspiration and showing that knitting really is cool**

  14. kyleeCTmom

    My youngest did ‘the gesture’ a lot when she was teeny. My SILs told me it was my fault. When I was pregnant with her I was giving it to all of THOSE drivers out on the roads.

    PS LOVE your show. When you had Kaity and Hana on, my oldest (13) saw it and she has since decided to give knitting another shot. Thanks.