A Call to Yarns

I’m going cruise-azy not having a knitting project to work on while I’m in Knoxville! I left in a hurry for the airport, leaving behind my project bag. I seriously considered taking the 7 mile cab ride to the nearest yarn store yesterday, but decided against it. I really don’t do well not having something to knit during my down time.

It’s beautiful in this part of Tennessee–green, lush and sprawling. Everyone has been so nice and I dig all of the other hosts that are here to shoot the same special. We all have different call times but at one time or another meet downstairs in the hotel restaurant to hang out together.

When I first arrived, I met the producer Michelle & her hubby as well as Jackie Taylor (Grounds for Improvement) and Andrew Totolos(Tricked Out). Later, Jennifer Perkins (Stylelicious & Craft Lab)walked in with Michelle Breschen (upcoming Be Creative). We all had this awesome goat cheese & tomato fondue appetizer and then some of us walked to Sunspot for dinner.

Yesterday I was picked up at 7:30am and taken to the promo shoot where my lines consisted of “This is MY DIY” and, “Let me just get my trusty…” While Jennifer & Michelle sat in the background pretending to be busy crafting away. Acting at its finest, I tell ya! 😉

I pretty much had the rest of the day off during most of which I spent watching bad movies on USA until I met up again with several more hosts for drinks (Including Paul Ryan from Kitchen Renovations and Dean Hill from Grounds for Improvement).

Today I’m going to head out to the art museum before my 3:30 call time for a marketing photo shoot.

Gotta run. More later!

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  1. Anonymous

    I would like to find rings like the ones you wear on your shows. Where do they sell big rings like such? I love them all. Thanks!
    Bertica in Austin, Texas