Woodland Egg Sweaters

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Upon spotting these adorable, woodland animal eggs I immediately thought, “these need, wee sweaters!” I dove into my sock yarn stash, grabbed some leftovers and got to knitting. The results are some pretty dang, cute characters perched on vintage egg holders and ready nestle in an Easter basket or adorn a Spring-themed mantle. Make these for anyone who has a soft spot for squeal-worthy novelties. Here’s to small bright spots after a long winter! –Vic

Scraps of Sock-weight Yarn
Size US 3 (3.25 mm) Knitting Needles
Tapestry Needle
Set of Animal Eggs (I found these at Target)

Fits plastic egg with 7″/18 cm circumference

Note: Sweaters are knit in one piece and seamed up the sides.
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CO 20 sts.

Rows 1-3: Knit.

Row 4 (WS): Purl.

Rows 5-7: Knit.

Row 8: Purl.

Rows 9- 14: Knit.

Rows 15-16 (add sleeves): K to end, CO 7 sleeve sts. –34 sts

Rows 17-22: Knit.

Rows 23-24: K9, [p1, k1] 8 times, k 9.

Row 25: K 9, BO 16 in rib st (for front neck), k9.

Rows 26-27 (right sleeve only): K9, turn.

Row 28: K9: CO 16 sts (for back neck), k9. –34 sts.

Row 29-30 (left sleeve only): K 9, turn (leave rest of sts on hold on needle).

Rows 31-32: Repeat Rows 23-24.

Rows 33-34: Knit.

Rows 35-36: BO 7, k to end.

Rows 37-43: Knit.

Row 44: Purl.

Rows 45-47: Knit.

Row 48: Purl.

Rows 49-52: Knit.



Seam up sides. Weave in ends.



fox sweater





One Response to “Woodland Egg Sweaters”

  1. laace

    I found these cute woodland eggs at Target and finished my first sweater. It was fun to knit such a wee sweather.