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Linky Dinks

If you feel like doing a little blog crawling this weekend, check out what some of my crafty colleagues are up to.  TGIF!  xo, Vickie About Family Crafts If you are looking for an almost instant Mother’s Day gift or activity, check…


Ask Etsy!

Hey all! Tomorrow I interview Etsy big-wiggy Matt, for CRL. Got any hot burning questions you’d like me to ask him about the inner workings of the company, tips he might have, how did get your stuff featured on the…


Sew Cute, Sew Not Working

Right before I’m about to gear up to start another labor-intensive work project, I tend to go on a mad, personal crafting spree–frivolously, making things that have nothing to do withneither  deadline nor conceptualization (Qas that too many negatives in…