Sew Cute, Sew Not Working

Right before I’m about to gear up to start another labor-intensive work project, I tend to go on a mad, personal crafting spree–frivolously, making things that have nothing to do withneither  deadline nor conceptualization (Qas that too many negatives in one sentence? I never know.)   I love delving into other designers’ patterns, to see how they write–and a lot of times, learn new tips & tricks.  So, before Adrienne and I start knitting & crocheting for our Eco-Stitch book, I spent a little B/F/F bonding time with my Magnolia 7330!

I currently have a huge crafter’s crush on Denyse Schmidt.  As soon as I can fit it into the ol’ schedule, I’m going to make a black & white version of her Hop, Skip, & A Jump quilt for our bedroom.  In the meantime though, I scored her adorable “Quilt It Kit” and made the pillow from the pattern & fabric that was included in the box.  It matches perfectly with my walls & the geisha painting in the living room.  Yay!
Back to Square One Pillow

My buddy, web-gal Jenny Medford just had a birthday, so I whipped up these cozy little cuties for her (ok, and I made a pair for myself, too).  These are also from a DS pattern, only this time from her book, “Quilts”.  The fabric’s from Craft-O-Rama in Austin, but I think they also sell it on their Etsy page.

Jenny’s Slippers

Another great book I just invested in is “Sew Everything Workshop” by Diane Rupp of New York’s Make Workshop. It’s jam-packed with how-to information, includes instructions for 20 sewing projects plus 10 paper patterns.  My friend Jaime and I met for a sewing session one night while our husbands had band practice, and made the tank tops from it for ourselves.  I have a serious lack of torso, so I made mine 2″ shorter than the pattern calls for and am still going to have to wear a belt with it, but I really like how it turned out and may end up making a couple more in different fabrics.  Speaking of fabric, this print is one of Amy Bulter’s.

Flouncy Tank Top

Lastly, we’ve been needing a little decor for the larger window in our kitchen, so I pieced together the remains of a kimono that I love and have used to make a bunch of projects (including a curtain for the smaller kitchen window & a pillow for an old article for the defunct Budget Living magazine), with scraps from the above, aforementioned tank (a la Sound of Music) and leftovers from altered Ikea curtains that are now hanging in the living room.

Kitchen Valance

And now, back to my regularly scheduled crafting!
xo, Vickie

13 Responses to “Sew Cute, Sew Not Working”

  1. Crafty Chica

    Oh, baby, we are soo alike! I make the best stuff right before a big project is due. It helps clear the anxiety or something… Great stuff!!! Good luck with your shoot this month, let me know how it goes!

  2. pia

    we have the same Ikea curtains! Funny enough, I put them in my living room and the scraps went into kitchen curtains as well! Great minds…:)

  3. diva mcknitster

    ack! you’ve crossed over to the dark side of sewing!!

    seriously, i’m jealous – i wish i knew how to sew so i could make those cool things too! love those slippers.

  4. Liz

    Really fabulous projects. The curtains are inspired! Love your fabric sensibility.

  5. Vickie Howell

    Diva: LOL. Actually, I was on the sewing dark side years before I crossed over to the knitted version. I just haven’t made it much of a priority for a while. 🙂

    Winston& Chloe: Well done, my clever friend!
    Well because a.) Julie Andrews is my homegirl and b.) I’ve seen SoM about 30 times vs only once or twice for GwtW. I felt I had to give credit where credit was due. 😉

  6. mixtapezine

    loving your sewing action knitter lady! next thing you know I’ll start knitting, being a sewer and all!
    justine xx

  7. Tina

    I love that flouncy top! It looks a lot like the one Craft O Rama has on their wall. My dd wants to take that class. I love Amy Butler Fabs and also Heather Bailey and Anna M Horner:)

  8. Cait Voegeli

    The valence is kwuut! I’ve been trying to get inspired to do sewing lately, but just haven’t! I have a dress and two skirts waiting to get done. Maybe now that my finals are done, I’ll finally start and finish them. The only thing that I need to do now is to re-thread my surger, that frightens me…

  9. LCory

    How did you do the flouncy tank top? I found the instructions for the band in the book very confusing and I eventually gave up.