I Love to Create: Guide to Artful Sewing Preview

This week on I Love to Create, I’m sharing a little looksie of my friend Kathy Cano-Murillo’s latest book, Crafty Chica’s Guide to Artful Sewing: Fabu Low-Sew Projects for the Everyday Crafter (Potter Craft).

For you Chica fans out there, this book will not disappoint!  It embodies her signature style of playful color, experimentation and the adoration of crafty excess.  Her infectious positivity shines through, as she guide’s you through her world of artful sewing–one step (and crafty ode) at a time.  Crafty Chica’s Guide will give you the knowledge you need to start your sewing adventure, all the while putting a smile on your face with projects that are as fun to look at as they are to make.   Below are just a few of those goodies, along with some supply tips for making your own.  Let’s start first though with a list of Crafty Chica’s Reason’s to Sew (paraphrased):

  • IT’S A SKILL YOU CAN BRAG ABOUT.  Once you master your first project, you can officially shout to the world, “I sew”!
  • YOU’LL LEARN SOMETHING NEW ABOUT YOURSELF.  Working with a needle and thread will make you discover a whole new dimension to your personality.  [How you work on projects] will all come to be your signature style.
  • MEET NEW FRIENDS.  You can connect with a other threadheads for inspiration, tips, or just to have company while you create.
  • NEW PLACES TO SHOP.  Hello, fabric store!
  • HONORING YOUR ELDERS.  We have the genes, energy and spirits of our sewing relatives in us.  Think of how proud they’d be seeing you whip out that measuring tape!
  • TEACHING OTHERS.  Once you take up sewing, you will give advice to others.  Knowledge is power!
  • DESIGN CUSTOM WORK YOU LOVE.  You will be able to tailor-make pieces of art and clothing, to your exact style and price you can afford.
  • GIFTING.  The best thing about creating is the ability it affords, to give and share!
  • SHATTER SELF-DOUBTS.  If you can tackle sewing, maybe you’ll give those other things you’ve missed out on a second thought, and try them, too!
Razzle Dazzle Sewing Machine

The tools for creating can be as artful as the finished projects themselves.   Turn your sewing machine into a showpiece, with a little Liquid Fusion and a whole lotta buttons and rhinestones.

Color-it-Yourself Lover Pillowcase

Make cases you wanna cuddle by creating Sacred Heart appliques using cotton fabric and Crafty Chica Tango Permanent Fabric Markers.

I Will Never Part with This T-Shirt Glitter Tote

Recycled t-shirt projects are a must-make for the crafter with a conscience.  Kathy’s version has texture and dimension, thanks to fabric layering, Aleene’s Glitter & Gem Glue, and a little microfine glitter!

Chop Top Frock

With only a little chopping and sewing, turn a men’s dress shirt into a one-of-a-kind tunic-tank. Personalize it, by using a stencil and Tulip Soft Fabric Paint design to the chest.

Family Fragment Fabric Collage
This one has to be my favorite.  Adore your elders by placing them on exhibit–old pictures of them, that is!  Scan those precious pics into your computer, print them out on Photo Transfer Paper, iron them on to plain cotton fabric and sew them into your collage!
For more information on Kathy’s books, the Crafty Chica line of products and general crafty scoop, go to and
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