New & Improved Website!!

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of my new and improved, website!  It’d been a few years since I really paid attention to much of my site other than the blog. Web media has obviously changed enormously since then and although I’ve been all over using the latest media tools, they weren’t necessarily incorporated as effectively as possible within my website. I’m happy to say that’s no longer the case! You’re seeing the blog now, but please take a moment to give the rest of my little cyber space a gander, here.

Other than the lovely design (courtesy of Websy Daisy), here are some of the updated features you’ll find:
  • An updated patterns shop (with new patterns coming soon!) and FINALLY, a database of all of my projects–from card making to yarn dyeing–that are available on the web! Need a little, crafty inspiration and some how-to info?  You’ll find it there!  
  • Speaking of How-To, my tutorials are still available only with easier access to videos. Keep checking back for new topics!
  • A new Books section which gives you access to photos from inside each book (so you can see some of what you’ll be gettin’ before laying down the cash) on my Flickr page, any related videos or e-cards, a link to buy ’em and a place for you to go to share pictures of the things you’ve made from any of my designs.
  • A new store!  I’ve teamed up with this brilliant new company, Open Sky, to start my very own e-shop that will ultimately be FILLED with some of my favorite kits, materials and books to craft with…and more!  There are only a few items available now but trust me, I’m furiously looking for cool, new products (and trusty stand-bys) to fill my virtual shelves.   The great thing about it, is that I’ll tell you exactly why I *heart* each product via blog post, video or commentary–there won’t be one product in there that I don’t actually have myself! 🙂
  • A beefed up TV/Video page where you can fine my Lifetime CRAFTED videos, CRL (my 6-episode podcast series) and my YouTube videos.
  • Craft Corps HQ–the online community of crafters like you, who’ve kindly shared stories and inspiration for anyone one from hobbiest to professional!
  • I ditched the old, out-of-date photos section for a gateway to my Flickr pool.  I update this page constantly with pictures of whatever I’m working on–from kids’ crafts to TV shoots (I just uploaded tons of pictures from Knitty Gritty seasons past).
  • Easy links on every page to follow me on FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube & Flickr.
  • Coming soon, you’ll be able to attend classes with me, no matter where you live!  I’m craftin’ up some online workshops that I’m hoping will be available within the next, few months.    I’m thinking up curriculum now though, so if there’s a class from me (can be anything from knitting, to punch embroidery, to sewing, to eco-crafting) you’d like to see–speak up!  I’m open to teaching both project and technique-based courses.
Phew.  Ok, I think that’s it for now.  I hope you’ll take a moment to poke around and that you dig the updates as much as I do.  Oh, and if you see anything that’s not working or could be improved, feel free to let me know!
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3 Responses to “New & Improved Website!!”

  1. Margot Potter

    I love your new site! I really need to get mine in gear too. This is fabulous and the colors are perfecto.