How to Crochet Buttons

On this week’s episode of Ask Me Monday, I showed a great, stash-busting project that’s also perfect for the warmer weather when you don’t want to be weight down by lots of wool. That project? Crochet buttons! Watch the video…


Navajo Knitting Basics

Navajo Knitting: The Basics Do you, like me, tend to shy away from large amounts of lace-weight yarns because the likelihood of knitting something on size 2 needles whilst juggling kids, career and self, doesn’t necessarily appeal to you? Do you also find…


How to Crochet Socks | Basic Sock Recipe

How to Crochet Socks This week on Ask Me Monday was a sister-episode to Episode #100 How to Knit Socks. The latest show covered, you guessed it, How to Crochet Socks! In this video and accompanying blog post, I show…


How to Knit & Crochet Wire Rings [VIDEO]

How to Knit with Wire | How to Crochet with Wire This week on Ask Me Monday, we set yarn aside and opt for a little metal work. We focus on how to knit with wire and how to crochet…

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