Crochet Openwork Stitches for Spring/Summer

Crochet Openwork Stitches for Spring/Summer This week on Ask Me Monday, we focus on openwork stitches for crochet which are perfect for warmer weather. Like their knitted counterparts (see last week’s Ask Me Monday post), these stitches can be used as…


Plarn Lunch Tote for Earth Day

Plarn Lunch Tote In many cities, plastic grocery bags are, thankfully, a dying breed. In others, however, trashcans and landfills are still being bombarded with these little plastic problems every single day. Do your part by transforming your supermarket sacks…


5 Reasons a Knitting Box Subscription Could be Great for YOU

5 Reasons a Knitting Box Subscription Could Be a Great Fit for You Although mail order products have been around since the 19th century, subscription boxes, in which subscribers get a curated collection of items catered to their niche interests,…


From the Archives: How to Make Recycled Heart Crayons

Recycled Crayons As Summer gets closer and the reality settles in of my the youngest of my littles needing activities during the break, I’m digging through my kids’ crafts archives from when her brothers were her age. This take on recycled…

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