YarnYAY! June Subscription Pack

  YarnYAY! June Pack Reveal It’s my favorite time of this month, and every month, when I get to reveal the knitting and crochet goodies I’ve selected for the latest YarnYAY! subscription pack. Let’s do this! SPLENDID SINGLES | BY…


Knit a Necktie

Knit a Necktie This week on Ask Me Monday, I revisit an oldie, classic design from my 2009 AwareKnits (co-written with Adrienne Armstrong) while showing how to knit a necktie. This project is a great make for dad for Father’s…


Chain Plying

Chain Plying This week on Ask Me Monday we revisit Chain Plying, a technique for triple plying yarn, as you knit or crochet, to create a thicker, more textured fabric. This method is particularly cool for manipulating those gorgeous, hand-dyed sock-weight…


Lemon Peel Stitch Sunglass Case

Lemon Peel Stitch This week on Ask Me Monday, I show how to crochet the Lemon Peel Stitch, a simple, textural stitch that’s great for really, any type of project. Give it a watch, then practice the technique while making…

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