Scrap Bin Tree Ornaments

Scrap Bin Tree Ornaments: This week on Ask Me Monday This week on Ask Me Monday, we delve into our yarn stash to make use of those little scraps of leftover yarn that we didn’t have the heart to throw…


YarnYAY! on BuzzFeed

  YarnYAY! on Buzzfeed I’m beyond thrilled that my new(ish), little ol’ business, YarnYAY! is featured on BuzzFeed’s Top Gifts for Knitter’s list! If you’re looking for a gift to give to that stitcher in your life, check out the…


How to Crochet Poinsettias

How to Crochet Poinsettias This week on Ask Me Monday I showed how to crochet chunky poinsettias to use as embellishments for clothing, home decor, gift wraps and more!    ***This episode of Ask Me Monday is sponsored by Knitter’s…


YarnYAY! November Boxes Available Now!

 It’s that glorious time of the month when the latest YarnYAY! subscription box is available for purchase. I’m really excited about this one as it includes a yarn I adore, a coupla go-to patterns, coordinated greeting cards, and a stitcherly collab…

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