How to Finger Knit

How to Finger Knit with Vickie Howell

How to Finger Knit

While we’re all housebound, there’s no time like the present to get those kiddos interested in yarn craft. My favorite way to do that is with finger knitting, so I’ve put together a quick video tutorial and a few free projects to get your little started. Grab some yarn, bribe your kids (kiddingnotkidding), and let the love of knitting begin!

How to Finger Knit: Watch and Learn


Finger Knitting Project Ideas

Twister Finger knit scarf by Vickie Howell

Finger Knit Scarf



How to Finger Knit | NecklaceFinger Knit Necklace


How to Finger Knit Snakes
Snuggly Snakes


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Finger Knitting Fun by Vickie Howell