5 Minute Velvet & Geometric Bead Necklace

Fingerknit Velvet & wood2

What’s a girl to do when her outfit is incomplete, and she only has about 5 minutes to spare? Finger knit a velvet necklace! A craft generally thought of for kids becomes cool for us adults with the help of some beautiful materials. When made with rich-colored, velvet ribbon and artisan-cut geometric beads a simple, finger knit necklace goes from crafty-cutesy to handmade-hip! Here’s how I made this version (in the car on the way to a book signing event — pictures from that to come) with just a couple supplies and in a few minutes!


2-3 yards, 3/8″ wide velvet ribbon (I got mine at a boutique, but I’ve seen it online at MJ Trim)
2, large-holed wooden beads (I found geometric shaped version on Etsy)


  • Leaving a long tail 12″35 cm, yarn-wrap around four fingers. (Click her for finger knitting tutorial.)
  • Finger knit until piece measures 7″/17.5 cm.
  • Fasten off, leaving tail equal in length to length on opposite end.


  • Slide bead onto one end of ribbon and tie a knot. Repeat for opposite end.
  • Tie in a bow to form necklace; trim ends; wear!

Fingerknit Velvet & wood
This necklace is a grown-up version of the, “Nice Girl Necklace”  from my book, Finger Knitting Fun. One for big girl; one for little girl — this is a great project for mom-and-daughter day!


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