A Conversation with Duct Tape Bags Author, Richela Fabian Morgan

“Duct Tape Bags” Author, Richela Fabian Morgan

Duct Tape Bags Richela Fabian Morgan

This week on the CRAFT*ish podcast, I spoke with artist and “Duct Tape Bags” author, Richela Fabian Morgan. They talked about using a hardware store medium to create fine art, why she loves designing bags, and about the debate between art vs. craft.

Listeners can find CRAFT-ish on iTunes, Soundcloud, or Stitcher.  Then go to the Show Notes page to see photos of a few of Richela’s bag designs, artwork and to enter to win a copy of her latest book!



One Response to “A Conversation with Duct Tape Bags Author, Richela Fabian Morgan”

  1. Suzanne

    Hi Vickie,
    I enjoyed your conversation today with Richela. It’s so intriguing how she found a solution to sew with duct tape by adding baby oil to the spool of thread. I realize that it’s past the deadline to enter for a copy of the book but regardless, I could not find the “Leave a Reply” option on the show notes page. Do you remove the option once the deadline hits or was it just never there?