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Tips for Stranded Knitting

Stranded Knitting Tips | Snood by Tanis Gray from The Knit Vibe

Tips for Stranded Knitting This week on Ask Me Monday we chat stranded knitting like that called for in the Teas (from the Gaelic word meanting to heat or warmth) Snood from my book, The Knit Vibe. This beautiful accessory was…


Crochet Spiral Rib

Crochet Spiral Rib | Leggy Boot Toppers by Vickie Howell from YarnYAY! January

  This week on Ask Me Monday, we kick off the year with the Crochet Spiral Rib stitch that I use in my latest YarnYAY! design, the Leggy Boot Toppers and Legwarmers. I’ll show how to work the stitch pattern…