Tips for Stranded Knitting

Tips for Stranded Knitting | Ask Me Monday with Vickie Howell

Tips for Stranded Knitting

This week on Ask Me Monday we chat stranded knitting like that called for in the Teas (from the Gaelic word meanting to heat or warmth) Snood from my book, The Knit Vibe. This beautiful accessory was designed by Tanis Gray, an expert in the subject of Fair Isle and other stranded knitting techniques, who has provided us with her Top 3 Tips for Stranded Knitting. I share those with you, and more. Enjoy!


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Tips for Stranded Knitting: Watch & Learn



Vic’s Tip: When choosing yarn for a stranded colorwork project, be sure to choose smooth, twisted or single-ply yarns. Yarns with too much texture, or much halo (that’s the fuziness you see on fibers lke mohair and angora) will get in the way of the clarity of the pattern.


Stranded Knitting Tips | Snood by Tanis Gray from The Knit Vibe

Tips for Stranded Knitting from Teas Snood Designer Tanis Gray 

1. Choose highly contrasting colors. Colors that are too similar in shade, tint, or tone will read as “muddy” and won’t be easily visible in the finished project. It’ll also make it a more difficult knitting experience if you have trouble differentiating the colors.

2. Be mindful of puckering. Contrary to popular belief, no, that won’t “block right out!” Spread the stitches apart a bit on your right hand needle as you’re coming up on knitting them to build in some breathing room. If that’s not enough, go up a needle size.

3. Experiment with your knitting style! If you’ve never knit continental or haven’t tried English knitting, don’t fear the combo method! Combination knitting is having your right hand knit English style, or “throw,” and your left hand knitting continental or “European” style. Combo is more efficient and the ultimate goal for any colorwork knitter, but don’t fret if you don’t pick it up right away. It’s something to build up to!

Tips for Stranded Knitting | Teas Snood from The Knit Vibe

Teas Snood: Knit It!

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