I Heart Cowl

Heart Stitch Cowl Tutorial by Vickie Howell on Ask Me Monday

Heart Stitch Cowl Pattern

This week on Ask Me Monday we lean into the love, by making a heart stitch cowl. This project worked on super bulky yarn, and on size 15 needles, so it whips up lickety-split. Make one in time to wear on Valentine’s Day, or wear your heart on sleeve, er, neck, all Winter long!


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Knitter's Pride Smart Stix

Heart Stitch How-To

Heart Stitch Cowl | Free Pattern by Vickie Howell, courtesy of Knitter's Pride.

I Heart Cowl

Valley Yarns Superwash Super Bulky Colors by Vickie Howell (100% Superwash Wool; 55 yds), in colors: A.) 2 balls Boho Bordeaux, and B.) 1 ball Pink Flamingo —or equivalent weight yarn 

Size U.S. 15/10 mm, 16″ circular Knitter’s Pride Smart Stix

Tapestry needle



11 1/2″/29 cm Tall x 23″/58 cm Circumference


7 sts x 16 rows = 4″/10 cm

Yarn Swap Pro Tip: Want to make a lighter weight cowl? Choose your yarn; knit a swatch in Heart Stitch; measure how many stitches per inch you get in the new yarn; multiply that number x 23″ and round up or down to the nearest multiple of 5. Voilà, there’s you cast-on number!




With A, CO 40 sts. Join rnd, taking care not to twist.

Rnds 1-7: *P2, k3; rep from * around.

Rnd 8: *P2, insert right needle into 3rd stitch down from 2nd stitch on left needle and pull up a loop, k3, insert right needle into same stitch as before and pull up another loop; rep from * around.

Rnd 9: *P2, wyib sl 1, k3, wyib sl 1; rep from * around.

Rnd 10: *P2, sl 1, k1, psso, k1, k2tog; rep from around.

Rnd 11: *P2, k3; rep from * around.

Join B.

Heart Stitch Cowl by Vickie Howell

Color inspiration for this project was my favorite outfit when I was wee.

Rnds 12-15: With B, Rep Rnds 8-11.

Rnds 16-19: With A, Rep Rnds 8-11

Rnds 20-23: With B, Rep Rnds 8-11.

Rnds 24-27: With A, Rep Rnds 8-11

Rnds 28-31: With B, Rep Rnds 8-11.

Rnds 32-34: *P2, k3; rep from * around.

BO in pattern stitch.


Weave in ends.

Heart Stitch Cowl by Vickie Howell. Yarn: Valley Yarns Superwash Super Bulky in Boho Bordeaux & Pink Flamingo

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6 Responses to “I Heart Cowl”

  1. Selena

    Hi Vickie. I love watching you and enjoy the projects. Thanks so much. I am looking at the iheart Cowl and don’t you mean WYIB on round 9? The ❤ wouldn’t show if it was in WYIF.

  2. Ellen Lundgren

    Vickie, you wore a beautiful poncho a couple days in one of your recent videos. It is white with a black pattern going down the side that is over the arms. It is beautiful. Did you make it? Do you have a pattern for it?


  3. selena

    I made your I Heart Cowl into a hat this morning. I love it! Thanks.

  4. Anna-Rita Pellegrino

    Love the I Heart Cowl, but not sure if anybody has pointed out that written pattern has a typo. In the video you slip the stitches purlwise with yarn in back, but written pattern says to slip stitches wyif (with yarn in front). Thanks!