You’re so frame…

you probably think this project’s about you!  Oh wait, it could be.  Check out my latest Eco-Craft column in the current issue of KIWI Magazine–an easy to make, refurbished frame embellished with those small toys that seem to be everywhere in a house of kids.  This is a great Mothers or Fathers Day project because not only is it cute as a button (or game piece, as it were) but also, because it encourages the kiddos to clean their rooms in search of supplies. That my friends, is what they call a win-win situation.

Get the mag on stands now and as always, also log-on to the Kiwi website for loads of eco-conscious, crafty ideas!
P.S.  Don’t have bags full of toy parts and baubles laying around the house?  No problem!  Naughty Secretary Club has loads of them (of the vintage variety, no less) all color coordinated and ready-to-go for you.  Check out their Crafty Curios section for more info!
P.P.S.  Those handsome little devils posing sarcastically like angels (hey, they come by it honestly, what can I say?) are my sons Tanner & Tristan. 🙂

6 Responses to “You’re so frame…”

  1. diva mcknitster

    i loved your frame project! when we replaced our computer keyboard recently i took the keys off the old one to use when we make the frames. and thanks for the heads up for crafty curios – i hope she has some old school gumball machine type of bits and pieces!

  2. Anonymous

    You are so witty, Vickie! Love your puns. The frame is super cute too.

  3. Jaime

    so…i just read your post about getting your copies of knit aid to sign and mail out.

    what if i’ve meant to, and not yet ordered my signed copy? not because i don’t want it of course. with the constraints of being a SAHM, wife of a cop, part time student–i just keep forgetting to do the important things (like this!)

  4. Vickie Howell

    Monica- Awww, thanks!

    Jaime- I have a couple more left from a small box that came the other day. If you order today, you should be able to snag one!