You Say, we talk knit all the time.

I’m back from L.A., wrapped for the 1-hour Knitty Gritty special–yay! It was great seeing Lisa and I’m looking forward to Dave and I hanging out with her again, when we’re all in New York next month.

L.L. and I at A Mano Yarn Shop in Venice

Lisa and I shooting the opening of the segment where we meet up at a gourmet market.

Lisa & I with A Mano co-owners, Annette and Shannita.

We spent the first half of the shoot shopping for snacks at this great gourmet market in Venice, where we picked up tons of different cheeses and crackers to snack on while we knit. The 2nd shoot took place at this killer yarn shop, A Mano (also in Venice), that’s co-owned by my friend Shannita Williams-Alleyne who was one of the original SNB-LA members when I started the group in 2001, and took it over when I moved to Austin. I was so thrilled to see how well she’s doing for herself. So cool and totally deserved. She’s good peeps. See her post about the day on their blog.

Oh, before I forget, I just got word that DIY nixed the Knitty Gritty marathon (aka the Knit In), 2008 in favor of a bathroom renovation they’re calling, the Toilet Bowl. Soooo, I know I told a lot of people that the KG special would air on Superbowl Sunday but that’s apparently no longer the case. I’ll keep you posted on any new developments but in the meantime, if you’re looking for more Knitty Gritty love and want to tell the network(s) about it, here’s where you can send your comments:
DIY Network Viewer Comments
HGTV Viewer Comments

Today, I interview the band Pink Martini’s lead singer China Forbes, for the next Knit.1 issue. I’m off to write questions and think deep thoughts about music and knitting. Ciao!


16 Responses to “You Say, we talk knit all the time.”

  1. Sonia

    Seriously?! Like we all don’t know how a toilet bowl works or how to install, fix,or buy one?Since almost every bathroom renovation on these networks always seem to cover.UGH!!Sorry for the rant. Gotta go write.

  2. The New Girl in NYC


    I mean how many home – “reno” shows can there be now? Why cant they have someone knitting while installing a toilet…maybe that is a compromise??

    lol – okay maybe not ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have a letter to write also—


  3. Anonymous

    Are you serious, Toilets!!. I get the gag but how lame. I could careless about toilet or bathroom issues. That’s my hubbies job and guess what he’ll be watching the Super Bowl. I was looking forward to a marathon for ME.

    I have already posted a comment pleading for the Knitty Gritty marathon. You rock Vicki.

  4. diva mcknitster

    the TOILET bowl. that’s classy. like anyone with an XY chromosome (or XX i won’t be sexist here) will be watching THAT superbowl sunday. time for more nastygrams.

    can’t wait to see the new KG special with Lisa Loeb. my kid watches her on noggin.

  5. Sonia

    Ha ha.. the new girl in nyc, that would be an interesting Knit Bit on how to get in more knitting

  6. Melsbells

    Hi, Vickie!
    I watch Knitty Gritty all the time. My mom and I set it up to DVR so we can watch all the new ones even if we’re not home. What yarn (brand, name, color) would you suggest to knit Christmas socks with? I’m making them for all of my family!

  7. Meredith

    I missed the Knit-In last year and I was so excited for it to return! DIY replacing it makes me sad. I’m definitely sending them some comments, Vickie!

  8. Jaime

    *groan* the toilet bowl?!!?!??!?? seriously???? i just threw up in my shoe.

    i have to go write a nasty gram now.

  9. Jennifer

    Yah, because would you rather spend a winter weekend knitting or installing a @#$$%#$@ TOILET?! I will be firing off a strongly-worded email…

    I love Pink Martini!

  10. knitacholic

    you say
    pearling is easy
    I am trying to make the wrist bracelit i your book not another teen knitting book
    its diffcult and i have been knitting for 12 years.
    can you make it EASIER way of understanding it please