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It’s that time of the month when I get to reveal my choices for the latest YarnYAY! subscription box! This month, not only did I get to team up with one of my industry friends, but I’m also thrilled to announce that February’s box celebrates FIVE female-run businesses. We have a limited amount of stock and sold out in January, so scroll down to see what’s in YarnYAY! February, then get yours in our shop while they last. Enjoy!


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YarnYAY! February: What’s Inside

  • Chic Sheep | Marly Bird for Red Heart

Chic sheep is super-soft, washable, 100% merino wool, in fun and happy colors designed by Marly Bird! We chose Lipstick Red, a vibrant shade perfect for Valentine’s month!

Chic Sheep is a Red Heart brand, departing from the usual acrylic, showcasing the beauty of wool. Red Heart, for which Marly is the spokesperson, was recently acquired by yarn manufacturing giant, Spinrite, for which Vickie was the spokesperson for 6 years. Vickie & Marly have been colleagues and friends for years and always look for ways to support one another. See the rest of the Chic Sheep line at: yarnspirations.com and marlybird.com.

  • Convertible Mitts patterns | designs by Marly Bird & Vickie Howell

This month we’re cuddling up and keeping cozy, whilst keeping our options open with convertible mittens! The knit version, designed by Marly, employs ribbing and horseshoe cables for a beautiful, classic pair. The crochet set, by Vickie, are made in a warm, textural seed stitch.


RS/WS Best Friend Progress Keepers | Katrinkles

Best friends are always together, inseparable – like the front and back of your knitting! Inspired by the “Best Friends” jewelry charms that many of us shared with our schoolyard BFFs, these progress keepers make it easy to tell the right side from the wrong side of your work.

Katrinkles, founded by Katy Westcott, is a U.S. based business, focused on supporting indie, women-run and BIPOC-owned businesses. For more info go to: katrinkles.com


Claw Clips | Cocoknits

Claw clips are like tiny, extra hands holding your knit or crochet pieces together while you seam them!

Coco knits is based in Oakland, CA and owned by Julie Weisenberger. For more info go to: cocoknits.com


Tapestry Needle | Namaste

One can never have too many tapestry needles, so here’s one to add to your collection! Namaste is owned by Laura Zander. For more of their products

go to: jimmybeanswool.com




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One Response to “YarnYAY! February Box”

  1. Ellen Lundgren

    I am having trouble knitting convertible mittens. I am at the thumb gusset. Do you do the thumb the first time you reach rnd 10 or after repeat? Then do you knit gusset in the round and then when you put it on waste yarn; go back to the mitten or do you do it when you get to the repeat of 5-10. Where do you start when the thumb gusset says to do pattern for 11 rnds ending on rnd 10? I’m confused. Is there a tutorial?