YarnYAY! February Box is HERE!

YarnYAY! by Vickie Howell February Box #58

YarnYAY! February Box

It’s February box reveal time! This month we’re featuring FIVE small businesses, including one from across the pond. Watch my unboxing below, and keep scrolling for a closer look. If you’ve been looking for a knitting subscription box or a crochet subscription box, we’ve got you. Welcome!

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Double Knit | Jamison’s of Shetland

Jamieson's of Shetland Double Knitting, featured in the YarnYAY! February Box.

This month we’re featuring yarn from across the pond, dk-weight, heathered, 100% wool from Shetland sheep. Shade Sunset gives a nod to Pantone’s 2023 Color of the Year, and Twilight reminds us of the conversation candy hearts of the season.

Jamison’s is a family-owned business, based in the Shetland Isles in Scotland.


Boot Topper Patterns | Designs by Vickie Howell & Afifa Sayeed
Add some frills (not to mention a layer of warmth) to your favorite pair of boots with this month’s flared boot cuffs! The knit toppers, by Afifa, combine Stockinette Stitch with a widening rib.

Flare knit boot cuffs by Afifa Sayeed for YarnYAY!

Support & follow our Spring/Summer Designer-in-Residence, Afifa Sayeed on Instagram @fifknits 

The crochet cuffs, by Vickie, are worked in a bell shape using half-double crochet and front and back post ribbing. Both are as cozy as they are cute!

Frill Crochet Boot Toppers by Vickie Howell for YarnYAY!


Sweater Care Bag | Cocoknits


Cocoknits Sweatercare Bag, featured in the YarnYAY! February box

This eco-friendly nylon mesh cylinder bag keeps your knitted and crocheted pieces, or any delicate washables, from stretching or snagging in the wash.

Cocoknits is a California-based, woman-owned business. 


Heart Flowers Card | Illustrating Amy

Illustrating Amy, Heart Flower card, featured in the February YarnYAY! Box

We💗 flowers. We 💗 you. This beautifully illustrated greeting card says it all!

Amy Curefield-Clark is the artist behind Illustrating Amy. 


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  1. Mary Morris

    On the you tube video you mention alternative crochet patterns. I do not wear boots so wanted to do one of the alternative projects