YarnYAY! 2022 Designers in Residence

YarnYAY! Designers in Residence 2022

YarnYAY! 2022 Designers in Residence

Happy New Year, friends! It’s with a truly warmed heart that I announce that we have two amazing humans joining Team YarnYAY! as our 2022 Designers in Residence! These designers will, respectively during their season, each design one of the patterns per month that are included in our subscription boxes. This is exciting because, in addition to my project offerings, you’ll also get another amazing creative perspective represented in each month’s offering. That’s double the designer goodness in every single box!

First up, is our Spring/Summer Designer in Residence, Julia Madill.

I first met Julia back in 2011 when Canadian company, Spinrite (aka Yarnspirations) bought Caron, the brand for which I was the spokesperson. Julia was one of what was then a small design team, whom I had the opportunity to work with and get to know over the course of the next several years. Maybe because of her taste in music, her love of leopard print, or because she looks like she could be a member of my own family, I immediately felt like we should be friends. A decade later, we’ve continued staying in touch. When she let me know that she was finally taking the leap and going out on her own, I didn’t even let her finish the sentence before I asked if she’d consider coming to work with us at YarnYAY! I cannot even tell you how lucky I feel that she accepted. Her natural eye for color and design, combined with her 15 years on a team that designed hundreds of garments over multiple brands and countless lines, is an invaluable asset. I’m so excited for you all to see what she brings to the table! If you get a moment, please support her independence by following her on Instagram.

Next up, our Fall/Winter Designer, in Residence, Toni Lipsey (aka TL Yarn Craft). I plan to wax poetic about Toni later this Summer when she steps into her role. I was too thrilled, though, about having her on the team to wait until then to mention her at all. I respect her, I appreciate her hustle, and I believe in the work she’s doing. She has a brand new book out, so be sure to check that out, and support her by visiting her website. She’s magic!

Here’s to a new year, inspiring projects, and women/designers/humans supporting one another!




Julia Madill | YArnYAY! 2022 Spring/Summer Designer in Residence


Julia Madill
Julia is a Toronto-based designer and graphic artist. She spent 15 years designing hundreds of knit and crochet projects as part of the Design Team for Yarnspirations (Caron/Red Heart/Bernat/Patons), and under her own name on Ravelry. Follow her on Instagram here.

Julia Madill Designs


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Toni Lipsey | YarnYAY! 2022 Fall/Winter Designer in Residence

Toni Lipsey
Toni, the designer and instructor behind TL Yarn Crafts, strives to inspire others’ creativity through online tutorials and modern, approachable crochet patterns. Follow her daily crochet journey on Instagram and pick up her book, The Tunisian Crochet Handbook, and patterns here.

Toni Lipsey Designs


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