Yarn on a Muthaf*%#$n’ Needle!

Good Monday to you! Now that my Travelpalooza summer has come to an end, I’m finally catching up on stuff. Soooo, finally, new Vic’s Picks are up! Also, I’m going to try (but no promises) to get an Ask Crafty question a day answered.

It’s new Knitty Gritty day with guest, Annie Modesitt! Check it out to see how to make this kickin’ corset!

My weekend was entertainment action packed! My boyfriend was so excited about the opening of Snakes on a Plane on Friday (I’m serious) that he called me several times throughout the day to remind me that there was only 8…4…2…more hours to go until we’d be sitting in the theater watching Sam Jackson make his now infamous declaration. I acted as dry and blase as possible during each conversation, but secretly find it adorable that he gets so excited about things he deems major events. Austin tends to take an amusement park approach to movie going, so the Alamo Drafthouse audience was greeted with a special Snakes on a Plane menus complete with Samuel Jackson Bad Ass Beer and dishes garnished with small plastic reptiles. I love this town.

Saturday, we made the pilgramage to Houston to see a DEVO show with Psychedelic Furs and When in Rome. Admittedly we opted out of showing up for W.I.R. in favor of making a stop at Ikea (for now, Houston has the closest store) to get the kiddos a table & chairs for their bedroom. We got to the arena just as the Furs where going on stage. To my surprise, we had floor seats which of course, ruled (although sadly, there weren’t many more people there than could fill the floor and a few rows past it). The lead singer now looks like a publicist but his voice, still sounds exactly, awesomely the same. The rest of the band, well, seemed to have shown up purely for the paycheck. DEVO, as a whole, was still incredible! They still put on the same act, with the same costumes, including the energy domes & soccer shorts. Well worth the 2 1/2 hour drive!

On the knitting front, as usual, I have a ton of WIPs on needles. Thought I’d share a few of them.

This is the Scottish scarf from the travel issue of Knit.1 Magazine. I’ll duplicate stitch the “X” portion of the argyle once the whole thing’s knitted.

This is the Rambling Rows afghan I’m working on to match my geisha painting.

Nine months after shooting the episode, I finally got around to trying Cat Bordhi’s mobius scarf. Since taking this picture I’ve finished the lace sequence and am about to work on the border. It took me a couple of times to remind myself of how to do the crazy cast-on but this project is a lot of fun to work on.

Alright, that’s it for me. Back to work!


13 Responses to “Yarn on a Muthaf*%#$n’ Needle!”

  1. Dena

    Oh, how I miss my days living in Austin and going to the Alamo Drafthouse. Sounds like it was the perfect Snakes on a Plane night.

  2. Larjmarj

    Sounds like a great weekend! Can’t wait to see SOAP! I think it’s destined to be a classic. Wow cheesy movies and 80’s music, it doesn’t get any better than that. Love the argyle scarf very preppie chic.

  3. ~drew emborsky~

    Well rats, I missed DEVO in Houston? I guess the fact that I live about 10 minutes from that Ikea should make me feel better… Your WIPS look fantastic!

  4. Scoutj

    Remember you are supposed to e-mail me and tell me your dream sock-yarn colorway? How am I supposed to dye you yarn when you don’t tell me what you want! Come on now girl!

  5. Anonymous


    Did you notice that the sizes are missing from the corset pattern on the DIY site?

    Please — I’m not complaining — I’m also sure that I’m not the only one who noticed.


  6. Gaile

    whoops. Alien hand syndrome kicked in – I didn’t mean to delete my comment!

    So to repeat, I just said that we don’t get your show in my area, but I have written to DIY to see if/when it will be available. For now I just check the website to see what’s been on.

  7. Vickie Howell

    Scout- Dude, I completely missed this! Ummm…well, I like any combination of black, green, turquoise, chartreuse, hot pink, orange, white…

  8. Krista Bendfeldt

    I love how your scarf is working out. Can you tell me what kind of stitches you are using?

  9. jeanne