Who’s that girl?

The other day I was going through my pile of vintage Workbasket magazines and came across (in the November 1959 issue) a sketch of a girl who, well, appears to be me. The eyebrows, the nose, even one incarnation of my hair, all represented in this drawing! Now, since I wasn’t actually alive in the 50’s thereby making it fairly unlikely that I would’ve been available to pose for the artist, clearly there are only 3 possible answers to the question, “Who’s that girl?”

  1. The illustration is a complete fabrication produced via the imagination of an un-credited artist who, perhaps, conjured up the girl of his dreams expressed here through charcoal pencil. No? Ok, then.
  2. Somewhere out there, possibly still alive, is my doppleganger. A girl with a smart haircut, dark lipstick and a love for crocheted “Half Hats” (as they’re called in this particular issue). Well actually, technically, I would be her doppleganger since she was here first, but whatever. I don’t enjoy the word doppleganger. Doppleganger.
  3. The girl pictured above is in fact me as well as proof of completely unimaginative reincarnation. I mean really, I could’ve changed something about my appearance this time around!

You be the judge.

There’s no question however, who this girl is (how’s that for a segue)! Ms. Tori Spelling and my interview with her and Dean McDermott is now out in the “Back To” issue of Knit.1 Magazine.

On stands now, this issue is filled with hot projects for the cool, fall weather including: Judy Faddy’s killer, leopard cardi; Cathy Carron’s cool, cropped bolero; and Heather Carlson’s marvelous, mini-dress. Check it out!
Last but not least for all you veggies out there (or frankly, anyone who digs a good enchilada), check out the Amy’s Organics interview with me on their MySpace page.

Now back to my regularly scheduled crochet session.

Have a great weekend!


10 Responses to “Who’s that girl?”

  1. Liz

    Yes, the illustration looks like you! Your iconic presence transcends space and time so stylishly. How great that you ran across the illustration.

    For the time period the image is very, very reminiscent to me of Katherine Hepburn. You both share a very fresh, vital energy and charisma.

    Woven neckscarves knotted at the base of the neck with ‘tails’ were very popular in the ’50’s. Your updated knitted and crocheted takes on scarves could be thought of as a nod to that style. Compare your fun and flirty ‘blue collar’ photo to 50’s photos of women wearing neckscarves with collared buttondowns and also with shortsleeve lightweight sweaters. It’s fun to look at fashions and adornment and even more fun to make and wear the items. Thanks for your blog and your boundless inspiration and your perspiration (all that work), too.

  2. muerindah

    I also immediately thought of Katherine Hepburn.

    I have often wondered with how often we can reproduce what are the chances that someone will look exactly the same years or ages apart?

    Maybe it is a great movie plot a guy dreams about a girl in his drawings and decades later she is born only to find herself drawn in a magazine.