What’s Your WIP?

Highlight Scarf UFO
It’s been a (looooong) while since I’ve shared a WIP–but hey, no time like the present, right? I’m currently working on a simple, crocheted scarf using a double-strand of Sheep(ish) in colors, Magenta(ish) and Plum(ish). I have an unnatural love for how these two colors are working together!
What are you knitting or crocheting, right now? Show me your WIPs! 😉
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13 Responses to “What’s Your WIP?”

  1. salvagemom

    Socks,but keeping my 12 month old grandboy is my excuse for never starting on sock 2. I can’t count and chase him at same time.

  2. Corin

    I love the colors. I can’t wait for your line of yarn to come out.
    I’m currently making and elephant with Caron Soft Shadows Mardi Grey. It’s turning out so cute! I’ve named him Mardi Elefante in honor of the yarn and pattern. One more ear and he’s finished.

  3. Cami

    The color combo is BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for sharing. I’m getting excited for the launch of the new line!!

  4. HiLLjO

    Those colors are gorgeous!!!

    Currently have multiple WIPs but my most favorite would be a sock bunny couple.

  5. Vickie Howell

    Thanks for the color props, everyone. I really appreciate it!

    Cindy–Cute covers!

    HiLLjo–Sock bunny couple sounds adorable!

    Salvagemom-I hear ya, sister!

  6. CrochetBlogger

    Like everyone else I really love the colors! I have been hanging on to some ArtYarns cashmere sock yarn and today I want to see how it works up on a large hook (J maybe?). If that works well I’m going to make myself a really rich cowl with it.

  7. WireMySoul

    I’m halfway through the second of my first pair of toes up socks, in Knit Picks Stroll Multi (Meadow). Loving the lime, magenta and chocolate brown colours!

  8. Lupie

    Knitting a pair of gloves for my husband who,after I asked him to try the second glove on, informed me winter is almost over!

  9. Janie

    Very subtle..

    I am working on a crochet blanket that I hope is done before spring! I wanted to do socks this winter but just never got started on them…