What the Elle?!

I don’t know whether to be flattered that my 2005 interview with SNL’s Will Forte was mentioned in the April 2010 issue of Elle Magazine, irritated that it perpetuated the belief that it’s not hot for straight guys to knit or just plain entertained at the randomness of knitting being included in the same article about big screen’s favorite flubbing operative, MacGruber. I think I’ll choose the latter. Well, and my vain side will be secretly happy that I was referred to as “attractive” in a fashion mag (although the feminist side will whole-heartedly deny feeling that way ;-)).
Seriously though, thanks to Will for defending my honor by clarifying that his knitting intentions were a favor of the friendship and not sexual variety. You can see the trailer for his movie MacGruber (co-written with the equally awesome, John Solomon) on my husband’s movie review site, Smells Like Screen Spirit.
Hey, (writer of the story) Andrew Goldman, I challenge you to let me teach you how to knit. Are you man enough?

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Read full article in Elle, on stands now.
Thanks to Margot Potter for letting me know about this story!

15 Responses to “What the Elle?!”

  1. Ann On and On...

    If he doesn’t take you up on it I will. I am totally challenged and have lead all teachers to vodka or a wig shop after pull out all of their hair. Mentor me please. 😀

  2. Lorrie

    This is a perfect example of how the voguish crowds, who profess themselves to be tolerant and all-inclusive, are really the most illiberal among us. All that is traditional is laughable. Oh, and parish the thought, that a man learn a new skill that has traditionally been performed by women. It can only be perceived as gay. Really. Well now I’m confused, ‘cause I thought that being gay is a wonderful thing! That’s what I’m told everyday by today’s society. Or is just that bighearted, large-minded, progressive thinkers; get a pass every time they degrade someone elses choices. Imagine the outrage from today’s media (probably including Andrew Goldman himself) if someone in the public eye, who is known to be a conservative, wrote these same words.

    The hypocrisy is palatable.

  3. Beth

    I’d be pretty mad if I were you. Andrew sounds really immature and ignorant.

    And to suggest the Knit.1 interview was just for sex??? That is just sexist and wrong on so many levels.

    Men that are crafty are sexy. Goldman is just jealous (and feels threatened) of Will, I suppose. 🙂

  4. Tammy

    This writer comes off like an idiot, but considering the rag he’s writing for, well,’nuff said.

  5. Camping Jason

    As a male knitter, that really pisses me off. It’s hard enough to break stereotypes without people perpetuating them. To be completely honest, I’m a little peeved at Will for not correcting him as well. Although he very well may have and then they edited it out.

  6. Vickie Howell

    Jason- In Will’s defense, his main MO needed to be promoting MacGruber–and to do his job, which is to be funny. I think he did both without playing too much into the writer’s luring.

    And yes everyone, the writer does come of as pretty un-evolved but my guess is that he was hoping for a little “You know how I know your gay..” (a la 40-Year-Old Virgin) repartee with Will. Araic and oppressive? Maybe. Harmless? Probably.

    Perhaps he’d consider not only learning how to knit but also writing a retrospective piece about gender discrimination and his own experiences with people’s perception of him as he knits in public. 😉

  7. Lupie

    In my old age one thing I have learned is not to care what people I don’t care about say!

  8. Anonymous

    Vickie, Funny that I should just find your blog post after reading an article that my daughter sent me about long haul truckers taking up quilting and knitting to make use of their waiting time between loads (seem these times are getting longer as the economy slumps). Rather than sitting in a bar/restaurant and gabbing, several have taken to making things. One guy even had a sewing machine set up in his rig! Wonder what Will would think of that? Karen in NC

  9. Margo

    Awesome. I’m glad you can find some humor in this article. I think you should teach the author of that article to knit!

  10. Cami

    Congratulations for being featured in Elle! I love Elle as a fashion magazine but I have to agree with those who commented thinking the article was sexist. I don’t blame Will Forte, but I would be very offended if it were suggested that I would interview with someone for sex. And on your part, Vickie, I think the best thing to do is to continue to take it with a grain of salt and use your platform to counteract sexism in a light-hearted way. Whoever wrote the interview should be embarrassed and upon further reflection, they probably will be.

  11. Lil Red Riding Hood

    Any publicity at all is good publicity — especially where knitting is concerned! You should be flattered, Vickie! (Specifically regarding the “attractive” mentioned… teehee.)

  12. HiLLjO

    All I’m going to say: My fiace wants me to teach him crochet and he is manly.

    I’m so happy you got such a mainstream mention, though, even if the Vogue crowds are somewhat intolerant of what they cannot fathom.