Weekend Art Project

The art installation on the cover of the current ReadyMade Magazine got me to to thinking, “hey, we’ve got a blank wall and about $50– it’s time for a weekend art project!”
Using their fancy (and arguably, classier) table box idea as a jumping off point, we opted instead for a quick-fix version to fit our own schedules, budget and the space in the kitchen. Scouring the internet for graphic art, nostalgia (and my limited drawing abilities) dictated an ode to the mixed tape era.

To make your own version, here’s what you need:
6, 24″x 24″x 1/2″ plywood squares (found pre-cut at Home Depot for under $4 ea.)
Base color paint (we used leftovers from when we painted our living room)
Primary color (mini, “sample” can was just enough and was only about $3 )
1 can clear enamel spray
Medium paint brushes
Small, artist brush for detail work
Straight edge
Hanging eye-hooks and wire
Rubber or felt feet (optional, to protect walls)
Graphic picture to copy

Paint all six squares with base color and let dry for a few hours. Meanwhile, print out desired picture from your computer and using a straight edge, draw grid over picture to break it up as it will be in (in larger form) on your wood pieced.

Using a pencil, straight edge and the grid you’ve just made as a general guide, free-hand design on all squares. *Tip: if you choose a design that includes circles, tracing around dinner plates, cups and water bottles makes the process easy and consistent!

Using primary color, paint in your design taking care to leave the negative space in the base color. Use small artist brush to do detail work (and if you’re like me and hate detail work, also get a husband–or friend, or whomever–to do that part). Let dry.

Spray paint a couple of coats of clear enamel over all of the finished pieces. Let dry for about 20 minutes.

Following directions on package, screw in eye-hooks and attach wire. Stick rubber or felt feet on all four corners of each piece.

Install, step back and admire. Viva las pop art!


7 Responses to “Weekend Art Project”

  1. Liz

    Kudos on the inspiration, follow through, execution and result. The piece and the room look great! I didn’t notice Guinness until I enlarged the pic. Really a lovely, comfortable, fun room.

    Question for you. I want to make an afghan/tv blanket as a gift. Problem: machine-washable equals 75% nylon/25% wool blends pretty much. Crunchy not soft. Should I just dump the idea of the tv blanket or proceed with the ‘crunch’. For myself, I’d go handwashable and small(er) and use your yarns (double strand). Or do you recommend dry-cleaning larger projects made with your yarns?
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Jennifer

    What a great idea! Especially for those of us who rent (and are obligated to stare at awful faded white paint)… more color for my buck is always a good thing. 🙂

  3. Vickie Howell

    Thanks, guys!

    Jennifer, if you were fine with dry-cleaning and wanted to use my yarn I’d definitely go with Vegas, single stranded (double-stranding Rock would be way expensive for a project that size). If machine washing it preferred (which I completely understand) and you’re not digging on acrylic blends, then you might want to try a bulky weight Super-wash wool (wool that’s been pre-treated so it won’t felt in the washer). HTH!