Week in Review

Under the category of “never a dull moment”: I got a call on Monday that I might need to go to Vancouver on Wednesday to shoot Knit Bits on the Smallville set (the actors who play Lois Lane, Martha Kent and Lionel Luther are all knitters). While conceptually this sounds like a ton of fun, it would’ve required some major juggling of deadlines and arrangements to make happen. I ran out to buy some last minute wardrobe, called the editors for the magazines I work for to ask for extensions, got a de-halloweenifying manicure (I still had chipped black polish on), and got my mom in California to track down my birth certificate in case I needed it for the flight. It was a complete circus. Finally, at around 3pm on Tuesday, my producer called and said that I could breathe easy, we weren’t making the trip after all. Apparently, one of the actors we wanted to interview wasn’t going to be there and they couldn’t guarantee that the others would be for sure–it makes much more sense to go after Christmas giving us time to plan rather than just sending me and director Celia, to Canada with little more than a camera and a dream.
Last weekend I knit Ubernatural from MagKnits. The sweater looks super cute on the model/designer Stefanie, but on me looked like crap. I think I’m going to frog it. Actually, I may try it again in a chunkier yarn. I used one of the recommended substitutions, Noro Big Kureyon #12 (which I LOVE), but I don’t really think it was right for this pattern. Oh, and although the pattern suggests approx. 800yds of yarn, I only needed about 200–sooo, I bought way too much yarn. Oh well. I think I might just make a thick scarf out of it instead, for December’s free pattern of the month. Stay tuned!

On Monday, I spent the day working on projects for my first crafty column in KIWI Magazine. I decided this article would focus on a project made from recycled, felted sweaters. As much as I love me the knitting, it was really nice to work in a different medium for a change. Quick-sew projects please my preference for instant gratification. After I was finished with the projects, I decided to use some of the left-over sweaters to whip up this pillow for my living room:

Yesterday I worked on tracking down soccer star, Brandi Chastain, as a possible interviewee candidate for “The Sports Issue” of Knit.1 (out next year). I found a way to get an e-mail passed along to her, and am now waiting to hear back about whether or not she’s interested. She’s a champion athlete, a new mom and a knitter–snaps!

Today I booked a room at the children’s museum for my youngest son’s upcoming birthday party. I can’t believe my little baby’s turning 5! For the rest of the day I need to go through the editor’s notes on my next book, Knit Aid, start the text for the KIWI article and knit some more on a cardigan I’m making for the new yarn collection. Oh, and in my campaign to rid myself of the girdle I’ve been wearing on the last few shoots, I’ll be hitting the gym yet again. Later, I get to hang out with one of my best friends, Kevin, who’s coming to town for a quick meeting. Hooray!

Tomorrow, Jenny, myself and our SFOs are going to see one of my favorite authors, Sarah Vowell, speak at The Paramount here in Austin. I hope she reads from Partly Cloudy Patriot–I *heart* that book!

Ok, that’s it for my week in review.

Have a great weekend!


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3 Responses to “Week in Review”

  1. Anonymous

    Why, thank you ma’am. I’ll be putting the button up on my blog soon.

    I’m a new knitter and hoping to be a Knitster girl in early December. I’ll be coming down from Minnesota ~ that’s how much I dig Knitty Gritty! In fact, Knitty Gritty episodes are clogging up my TiVo. 🙂

    Knit On Vickie…you’re a rockstar!

  2. Anonymous

    I’m teaching my husband to knit and we both watch your show. DIY seems to show the same episodes over and over. I would like to see some new ones. I’m looking forward to seeing the Yarn Harlot. Her blog is a riot.

    Thanks so much for the great show! Knit on!

  3. Mary

    Your pillow project reminds me of what someone brought to show at the Knitter’s Review retreat this past weekend. She had bought an old wool sweater from a thrift store, felted it, cut it up and sewed it into a very nice, roomy knitting bag with long shoulder strap, and lined it with a nice cotton print fabric. It was very cool, and we all ooo’ed and ahhh’d.