Water Closet Re-Do

Whoever built our house in the 60’s, took the term “water closet” a bit too literally when designing the master bath.  Small, does not begin to describe it.  Tiny and ugly, perhaps does…or did, rather.  Since the quickie weekend make-over we gave it a few weeks ago we now refer to it as, the “Boutique Bath”.

Before we started the walls were dingy white, there was a parchment shade that our cat tore in an unfortunate window jumping incident, and we had a pedestal sink which took up space without offering storage.

We decided to go for a dark, modern look and painted the walls a deep violet.  The color would probably be a bit much for a larger room but it works nicely in this smaller space.  We also found a new sink at Ikea that’s perfect for our needs, offering storage without taking up as much space as its predecessor.  

Lastly, I made this panel valance to hang over some plain, white Home Depot blinds.
That’s really it.  Small changes to small spaces.  It’s the little things that count, right? 😉

17 Responses to “Water Closet Re-Do”

  1. 62cherry

    to right!!!
    got some wool action from you today
    i think i’m gonna start knitting!!!!!
    justine xx

  2. Karen

    I’m in love with your bathroom and wonder if you would come do mine. You could even film it for a videocast or TV, I’m that much wanting to have it done.

    think of the yarn crawl you could go on while in NYC too….

  3. Lanna

    Beautimus x’s 1000!! I love, love, love the plum and that valance is so pretty!!

    Is there anything you can’t do Ms. Howell!?

  4. Meredith

    When will you be to Ohio to do my nasty looking 50s bathroom?

    That looks fabu!!!

  5. turvid

    Looks great!

    I recieved a ball of Rock today – It is fancy green (Billy Joe). Thank you so much. 🙂

  6. Rebecca...

    your bathroom looks fabulous! and thanks for the comment–i actually really like your book, it came in quite handy on my trip…:)