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Ok, first off, I have to come clean with the fact that I bit off more than I can chew deadline-wise and don’t have CRL done for you today.  I suck, I know, but bear with me–Dave and I are going to try and pound it out over the next coupla days so it’ll go up this weekend.  Stay tuned!

This week, Bungalow 3 (the production company for the crafting segments I’m hosting) descended upon mi casa.  Lifetime’s going to be launching this section on their site for Holiday crafting with 5 different hosts (with completely different styles from each other) showing how to make projects for: 4th of July, Halloween, Winter Holidays, Valentine’s Day & Spring.  My dear friend Crafty Chica was kind enough to recommend me for the Needle Arts Expert, hosting position.  My segments will cover knitting, crochet, machine felting, basic sewing & punch embroidery.  It was so much fun doing these, and really nice having a production crew come to me for a change.  Here’s a few snaps from the 2-day shoot:

Halloween segment set-up, in my kitchen.

Cameraman Brian, shooting the close-ups of my hands, for the crochet project.

Hi, I make cheese-ball faces and have monstrous, fake eyelashes!  At least my Valentie’s Day Naughty Secretary Club earrings are cute!

Producers Lisa & Jamie, setting up the Christmas set in my living room.

Brian, getting a “beauty” shot of my punch-embroidered project.  Apparently the ghost from Christmas past is visiting in the lower, RH corner of this shot.
The first of these videos will go live on the Lifetime Television website on June 1st.  I’ll keep you posted!

xoxo, Vickie

5 Responses to “Videos & Podcasts”

  1. Kathy Cano-Murillo, The Crafty Chica

    i’m sitting here, taking a break from frantically racing against the clock to finish my projects because lisa will be here at 9 am. i forgot they have to decorate for christmas! oh lord i need to dig out the tree along with all the other things! glad it went good for you, your pics are adorable!!

  2. robyn

    no worries on getting the podcast to us a bit late … as long as at some point we get it, i’m sure no one will mind! besides, having your house invaded by the ghost of christmas past is enough to make anything a little belated!

    glad the shoot went well!

  3. Debba

    Hi Vickie – cool about your new Lifetime shows and fun photo shoot at your house – thanks for sharing!

    I’d love to interview you for my Girlfriendology podcast (all about inspiration, appreciation and celebration of female friendship). I recently did a podcast with Carol Duvall (I did her show a dozen times and she’s great!) as well as Kate Jacobs, Debbie Macomber, Kathy Cano Murillo, etc.

    Please?! It would so fun! Thanks, Debba /

  4. Dave Lowe

    Call me old fashioned but there is no greater holiday gift than seeing PRODUCERS dress a set.