Ask Me Monday: How to Little Crown Stitch (knitting)

vickie howell little crown stitch

How to Little Crown Stitch (knitting)

This week’s Facebook Live stream, Ask Me Monday, was jam packed! I started the episode sharing sponsor, Clover Neeedlecraft’s new, Size 17 and 19  Takumi circular needles. Then I answered viewer questions about circular projects to knit, how to calculate yarn amounts for the Long Tail Cast-on, and how to adjust one’s gauge.

Next up, I talked about the upcoming Craft Yarn Council’s #SuperScarf initiative, and showed how to knit the Little Crown Stitch that will be used in my upcoming Super Scarf pattern contribution.

We wrapped things up with an exclusive announcement about a new, product partnership I’m a part of, and gave the needle giveaway details.

Watch the video for more info! Then, tune in next Monday for a new episode LIVE on Facebook.




3 Responses to “Ask Me Monday: How to Little Crown Stitch (knitting)”

  1. Christine Galindo

    Since I am a crocheter and not a knitter, I think my first project would be a scarf. These needles look awesome!