Vegas, Baby!

I just got a sample cone of the new Vickie Howell Collection yarn, Vegas. Woo hoo! I’m really excited about this one–it’s so pretty! Vegas is a thick & thin blend of Soysilk & wool with a lurex, metallic thread running through it. It’s totally soft and glam at the same time. I knit up a swatch on size US 10s and it looks like it’ll be about a 4 sts per inch gauge, which is perfect for my knitting A.D.D since that means projects will work up fast and furious. I hand-picked all of the color combos ranging from nice-girl, monochromatic shimmers (see below) to Jezebel, contrasting-colored glitzes. I hesitate to even show you the color I have because the scan doesn’t do it justice and the sparkle doesn’t really read…but who am I kidding, I can’t not show you! Duh.

Vickie Howell Collection’s “Vegas”
Color: Pink Champagne
(pink yarn/pink shimmer)

I realize that telling you colors is as helpful as showing you sound but nevertheless, here’s what other glittery goodness you can expect in the Vegas line (the first color listed is the yarn, the 2nd is the metallic thread):

Ghost Bar= Cobalt Blue/Blue
Showgirl= Melon/Pink
Blue Hawaiian= Turquoise/Turquoise
Black Jack= Black/Purple
Swingers= Red/Red
Casino= Green/Green
Chapel of Love= White/Silver
Cirque= Ice Blue/Ice Blue
Martini= Chartreuse/Lime Green-y Gold
Viva Las= Orange/Orange
Excess= Dark Purple/Purpule
Dino= Brown/Bronze
Flying Elvis= Yellow/Gold

I’ll get pictures of the above is soon as I lay my eyes on them, myself. You can expect this line as well as the new colors in Craft, Rock, and Love to be available in stores and on-line in July. In the meantime, I have a date with some Pink Champagne. Bottoms up! πŸ˜‰


11 Responses to “Vegas, Baby!”

  1. Edith

    Looks great! I can’t wait to see the other colors! I have yet to find a cool yarn shop in my area so I’ll have to order some online when it becomes available.

  2. Jan

    Sorry vickie did’nt know how to contact you. Have question about sayuri knit/crochet kimono shrug. Are the sleeves crocheted flat and then sewn up and attached to main body of garment?

  3. Illustratorsam


    Definately going to be looking for these πŸ™‚ I’ve been knitting with macrame cording, so this will be a bit of a switch!

    Hmmm… what to make πŸ˜‰

  4. Roe

    Love them already! I think I need to knit up some Flying Elvis scarves for Christmas this year, just to be able to say the name of that yarn…

  5. Sonia

    Pink Champagne that brings back memories.:) Love the thick and thin look of it.

  6. kyleeCTmom

    my thoughts:

    1) Like sonia, I like the thick/thin of the yarn.

    2) Purple is my favorite color. I think it is completely appropriate that you’ve named it “Excess”.

    3) My 13 year old daughter will enjoy knitting and wearing something made from this.

    4) I may not tell her that the red/red is called “Swingers”. =)

    Here’s hoping some of my stuff sells soon. Then I will have extra pocket money to buy some of your yarns.

  7. Letha

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