Two Color Brioche Knitting in the Round

Two Color Brioche in the Round

Two Color Brioche in the Round

This week on Ask Me Monday, we explored the basics of knitting two color Brioche in the round. I much prefer this method to it’s flat counterpart, and in this video I show you why: once you’re set-up, only 1 round (with 2 steps) is required to create the look.

Watch the recorded version of my Facebook Live video below for a tutorial, then see below for practice instructions. 


Two Color Brioche in the Round Swatch


Any size, 16″ long circular needle

2 colors (Color A & Color B), corresponding weight yarn to go with needle

Stitch marker


Using Color A,”fully load” your circular needle with an EVEN number of sts. DO NOT JOIN RND.

Set-up Row: Slide sts down to opposite end of needle and join Color B as follows:

*Sl1yo, p1; rep from * to end.

Place marker and join rnd, taking care not to twist.

Rnd 1A: Using Color A, BRK1 (knit the stitch and the yo together), sl1yo; rep from * around. <—-Creates Knit columns on RS.

Rnd 1B: Using Color B, Sl1yo, BRP1 (purl the stitch and yo together); rep from * around. <—-Creates Purl columns on RS.

Repeat Rnd 1A & 1B for 4″/10 cm.

BO, working yos and stitches together.


My go-to guru for Brioche related information is Nancy Marchant from BriocheStitch.com

Looking for Brioche Knitting worked flat? Please check out Andrea Mowry’s amazing tutorial on “The Color Episode” of The Knit Show!


7 Responses to “Two Color Brioche Knitting in the Round”

    • Vickie Howell

      There’s not really a finished product, just instructions for how to practice the stitch by creating a swatch. A swatch would look like a taller version of the photo above. 🙂

    • Vickie Howell

      I’ve done cables in past episodes, but could revisit. Maybe an Aran pattern in the future!

  1. Mindy Savage

    Thank you for this tutorial! I was struggling with this technique. Then I turned to your video and picked it up in no time! I love your instruction and always learn easily with you! I also can’t wait to hear what you have in store for your upcoming subscription box! Been following you since the days of Knitty Gritty! Love what you do for us ❤️