Trick or Tote

The countdown has begun– less than 2 months until one of my favorite holidays, Halloween! If you’re feeling crafty, check out my Eco-Craft column in the Back to School issue of Kiwi Magazine for instructions on making your child’s own trick or treat bag out of recycled snack bags!

In unrelated news, I think the days of sitting by myself in a small room crocheting is starting to make me a little insane. Thank the universe for the “watch now on your computer” feature of Netflix! Yesterday I watched documentaries on historian/professor/author/activist Howard Zinn, the 2000 presidential election, and cannibalistic serial killers. The first two were really good the latter, not so much.
Last night, in a viewing that can possibly be blamed on aforementioned insanity (although I secretly, actually like it), I stayed up with Dave to watch Keanu Reeve’s blockbuster role as Officer Jack Travern in Speed. It’s hard not to root for young Annie (aka Sandra Bullock–who btw, I hear knits, which therefore makes this post on topic) speeding for life, in a city bus and again, handcuffed to a pole in a subway train. You know what would have made that movie better, though? Snakes.

That is all.


8 Responses to “Trick or Tote”

  1. Dave Lowe

    I smell a knit bit….
    OK, Dennis Hopper has put a bomb in your yarn bag. If you knit less than 55 stiches in any row…BOOM!
    Oh yea..and your ankle is handcuffed to your “favorite” red chair on set.
    Keanu Reeves has to host the show for you until as he figures out how to diffuse the bomb.

  2. shelly

    love the snack bag idea. some girls at church have been carrying around these bags that they made from carprisun juice boxes that look very similar….also saw one with a belt from the same! Too cute!

  3. Guinness & Shiloh's Family

    Snakes on a bus! Would Samuel L. Jackson need to make a cameo? hee hee. That recylced bag reminds me of those ones we made in the 70’s, I think from beer cans somehow crocheted together. Oh, dog, I am old if I can say that I remember things from the 70’s. Back when ponchos were first in style… sigh…..

  4. Bonnie Thompson Zink

    What a wonderful way to recycle those nasty throw aways that inevitably join the dust bunnies under the teenagers bed, rest comfortable under the seat of the car and never quite seem to be able to find their way into a garbage can or recycle bin. Thanks for posting the instructions!

  5. Sonia

    That treat bag is to cute. Will definitely have to make one,OK who am I kidding I’ll have to make three at least.I know my 17 year is going to want one just to go with her duct tape wallet.:)

  6. Vickie Howell

    Dave L.–*sigh* I miss you. I still want to do the thing we planned. I have the time, when you do!

    G&S family– Of course! Action Jackson makes everything better. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks everyone for the nice words about the bag. The contact paper backing makes the project doable in a few hours. FYI, I got the silver paper at Target. Please send finished pictures for the gallery!

    xo, Vickie