Tri-light Kerchief: Extended Cut

Show in colors: Cotton Gin and Gun Powder
My Tri-light kerchief offers a splash of color to any outfit. Knit from the center out, two triangles become one, larger version. This shawl technique is a favorite of mine because it miraculously takes shape before your eyes as you knit. It seems complicated until you try it — then, a few rows in it’ll make sense. I talk more about this method here.  
Often though, it’s not a new-to-you technique that makes for a more dynamic project — the ol’ standbys that can pack a lot of visual punch! Take for example: stripes.

Above is Tri-light made following the instructions on the label of Cotton-ish. It’s simple in a solid, but still interesting because of the juxtaposition of a bulkier texture (made with garter stitch) against a loftier, lace edging. Add a contrasting color (a dark one if you’re going for funky) and stripe the lace — while also extending the lace for several repeats — and you get a surprisingly different look!

Make this project, then make it your own. Get the pattern here and the yarn at select Jo-ann Stores and on


3 Responses to “Tri-light Kerchief: Extended Cut”

  1. Janice

    I am on the edging part of this kerchief. On the first row the pattern says “Knit to end of row” — do you really mean to knit this or should I do the same “yo K1” at the end as in the other rows?

  2. Rosemary Hunt

    The first part of the tutorial was very good. I am having a hard time figuring out how to do the edging on Tri-light. It seems like you are missing where to place the markers, I gather there should be 4 in place.
    Thanks Rosemary