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Normally I lean a little more toward rock ‘n’ roll, but today I’m feeling a little bit country…a little bit, Country Woman that is! The latest issue of the magazine is out, which includes the pattern for my Tri-light Cowl-kerchief. Get the mag on stands today, and the Cotton-ish yarn for this project at Oh, and the best part is that because this scarf is so light weight you can give Tri-light as gifts this season, but recipients can continue wearing it through the warmer months, too. Enjoy!



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Happy holiday-gift knitting!


11 Responses to “Tri-Light Cowl in Country Woman Magazine”

  1. Bella Bernath

    I have been knitting for over 50 Years and I am having trouble with the Tri-Light Knit Cowl by Vicky Howell. I thought a Cowl is like a tube to go over your head as in the picture and not flat like a scarf but the pattern does not say to knit continually on the circular needle or anything about sewing it up the back when finished.
    The edging 3rd row says k1 yo knit to marker but you are already at a marker so I find it very confusing but would like to be able to finish it. Hope to hear from you soon

    • Nicki

      I am also having the same problem with the edging. Did you ever figure it out?

    • Joan A Dorn

      Trying to make your Tri-Light scarf. It’s very confusing. Working with a lady that’s been knitting for years.Having a hard time making it. When you go on the circular needle does it get connected when you go around circle..You really don’t say how to do it. I’m looking to. make it for Granddaughter and is a little mis leading. Thought for sure it went over your head. That is what I wanted to make.How do you connect it together? Please. help us to understand it. Would like to know if you could tell us how we can connect it to go over our head, Thank You, Sure hope you can help me.

      • Vickie Howell

        It’s not worked in the round so no need to connect it. Once the piece is finished you just drape like a scarf or tie like a bandana. Hope that helps!

        • JoAnn

          Please help us with the edging instructions. The third row has me and others stuck. Is there a correction needed?

    • Jean Waters

      I am only a beginner at knitting and have gotten as far as row 3 on the edging
      and cannot go any further. Can you please e-mail me a way to finish it?
      I would greatly appreciate it.
      Thank You

  2. Ginger

    Hi guys…Ginger here (Vickie’s Communications Assistant). Here is the corrected Edging part of the pattern. Hoping this will help with any confusion. If you have anymore questions please let us know. ~ Ginger 🙂

    1st row: (RS). K1. Pm on the needle. Knit to center marked st which already has a marker on the stitch. yo. K1. yo. Pm on the needle. Knit to end of row.
    2nd row: Purl.
    3rd row: K1. yo. Knit to marker .which is on the needle, Sl marker. K1. (yo. K1. Sl1. K2tog. psso. K1. yo. K1) 14 times. Knit to center marked stitch. yo. K1. yo. Knit to next marker which is on the needle, Sl marker . (K1. yo. K1. Sl1. K2tog. psso. K1. yo) 14 times. Knit to last st. yo. K1. (4 sts increased).

  3. Dorothy

    Am wondering if the instruction for the Tri-Light Cowl that was in Country Women’s Magazine in Dec/Jan 2014 on page 70 is correct for the directions, row 3? Please respond. Thanks, Dorothy

  4. jean waters

    I really need an answer as to how to finish the edging on the tri light knit cowl!!
    Row three is incorrect. please e-mail me the corrections as soon as possible!!

  5. Ann

    I am VERY frustrated with your cowlpattern. I have been knitting for over 50 years and never saw such sloppyness. No service at all. If you make a mistake, apologize and adjust the pattern. Sincerely, Miekelien