Trendspotting: Foxes

Just like colors and styles come in and out of fashion, so does the usage of certain animals in home decor, fashion and novelty items.  Cats are a classic and probably the most used pet in print, owls were EVERYWHERE a few years back, and horses can be found on the coolest of kitsch. The animal at the top of the trend list for the past year or two though, has got to be the fox. This is likely thanks in part to director Wes Anderson’s cinematic version of, The Fantastic Mr. Fox (see our Movie Monday coverage here). Or maybe, it’s because we’re all just so darn foxy! Who knows. Regardless, those sly dogs have crept their way into every product genre possible (and also my heart.) Here are just a few of my favorite be-foxed goodies I found on the interwebs.

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Like what you’re seeing? Well you’re in luck, because there’s more where that came from! Check out my Foxy Pinboard for *cough* 100+ images of our furry little friends!

Fox Pajama Bag
If you’d like to put your fox where your craft is (wait, what?), then the Bernat Design Team has the perfect project for you: this Fox Pajama Bag!

What You Need:

Enjoy, you foxy beasts!

One Response to “Trendspotting: Foxes”

  1. ~Ruth

    Oh, Vickie, this is soooo cute! My jaw dropped! Now I have something super cute to make for my neighbor’s little boy. He’s going to love this! I love working with Sheep(ish) so this will be a very enjoyable project for me. Thanks so much for sharing this with us!