Treetopia Vibe-y Halloween

Treetopia Vibe-y Halloween

What does a designer do when asked to join,(along with 12 other talented influencers) a scary room series blog hop for Treetopia during the same month that her latest book hits shelves? Well, like any good child of the ’80s, she pulls a “Your peanut butter’s in my chocolate! No, your chocolate’s in my peanut butter!” kind of mash-up. Ladies and gentlemen, in honor of both my love for Halloween and mystic sensibilities AND the release of  The Knit Vibe: A Knitter’s Guide to Creativity, Community, and Well-being for the Mind Body & Soul, I give you, a Very Vibe-y Halloween … or Howell-ween, as the case might be. 😉 Walk with me while I show you around.


Let’s start from the top! I chose the Black Stiletto Pencil Pre-Lit Tree for my (not-so) scary-scape. It worked well with the higher ceilings, but smaller square footage of the room we refer to as “the library” in our house. 

Sitting at the helm of this vibe-y experience is, what else, but a be-sweatered skeleton in prayer pose. Because, skeleton in a sweater.

(Psst… want to learn how to make a sweater for a skeleton in your home? Tune into Ask Me Monday on Facebook at 12pmCT on Monday the 7th for a Tutorial!)


Next up I printed out the yarn ball Saturns from the artwork I commission from artist Rebecca Reitz (see below) onto transparent paper, then inserted them into glass balls also filled with yarn scraps. I wanted a mystical, crystal ball feel nestled between hanging, chandelier crystals.


A crochet-inspired garland, wrapped yarn and roving balls, and mini oracle cards I found on Etsy, rounded out the vibe of my tree.


This fantastical foliage sits atop the Mega Crochet Rug I designed as a project in The Knit Vibe. Inspired by a vintage doily, but super-sized for modern times, this rug offers an unexpected touch to any room or in this case, works perfectly as a tree-stage. 


The honeycomb set-piece that Art Director Traci Goudie (who also did all of the principal photography for The Knit Vibe) created for the set of my series The Knit Show, is currently living in our home. I couldn’t help using it as a backdrop for my transcendental tree, adding plastic spiders to the already yarn-webbed shapes.


Garments, Rebecca Reitz’s beautiful print, some woo-woo titles, and garments from my book, keep another skeleton (well, part of one) cozy.


A Medusa yarn wig, knit swatch shapes, a be-shawled skeleton, and a melange of esoteric ephemera sit behind my friend Kailo Chic’s felt, “I put a spell on you” garland.


These skull-topped needles were gifted to me by former Knitty Gritty (DIY Network & HGTV 2004-2009) guest and Vixen guitarist, Share Ross. They seem right at home on this shelf.


Last, but most certainly not least, a bed of Treetopia-pre-lit-Tuxedo-Black-garland lays before Our Lady of Perpetual Knitting, more yarn-filled globes, crystals, and her Oracle women friends.


So there you have it. I hope you’ve enjoyed our virtual, vibe-y tour!


Treetopia Vibe-y Halloween: Win your own Stiletto Pencil Black Halloween Tree!

Treetopia has given me the same black tree that I used, to pass along to you! To find out how to win it, simply go to my Instagram feed for details. 


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