Tons O’ DIY Knitty Gritty Goodness!

Alright, I’m a little late spreading the new Knitty Gritty gospel (that apparently happens when I go and get myself a personal life & stuff), but here goes:

Calling all Knitsters! There are brand new episodes of Knitty Gritty airing daily now on DIY. That’s right, season 8 has begun and in some kind of needle& yarn showdown, season 7 will also begin airing on HGTV on April 16th (schedule to follow). If you’re quicker on the uptake than I am, you may have already seen the Michael Del Vecchio travel tote, Cookie A. lacey sock and Stefanie Japel top-down shrug episodes (if not don’t worry, they’ll re-air!)– but there’s so much more to see, beginning today!

DIY SCHEDULE (Weekdays at 2pm ET/1pm CT)

4/6: “Hat Trick” w/ guest, Jennifer Hanson aka Stitch Diva
4/9: “Hand-Painting Yarn” w/ guest Jamie Dixon aka Scout
4/10: “Celebrity Scarves” w/ guest Sarah Rosenberg
4/11: “Teen Scene” w/ guests Katy Von Rader & Hana Gurvitz
4/12: “Knitting on the Go” w/ guest Lisa Shobahna Mason
4/13: “AlterKNITive” w/ guest John Brinegar
4/16: “Knits That Fit” w/ guest Amy O’Neill Houck
4/17: “Knitting Rules!” w/ guest Stephanie Pearl-McPhee aka YARN HARLOT
4/18: “Happy Hour Knits” w/ guest Star Athena (re-air)

It seems that the Do-it-Yourself web folks have been hard at work on the site and have added a Handy Dandy Stitch Glossary (with video demos by yours truly) and a Knitty Gritty Video Channel! Oh, and don’t forget I also have a How-To knit and crochet section on my site . Clearly people, all the knitting resources you need are literally at your finger tips. So…let your fingers do the walking, er, typing!

Knitlicious kisses,

P.S. Don’t forget to set your DVRs!

18 Responses to “Tons O’ DIY Knitty Gritty Goodness!”

  1. Anonymous

    Yay! I’m happy that there is a new season of the show…


    *ugh* I HATE how the show is being filmed (?) / taped. It has a really weird feeling, in combination with that herky-jerky feel mixed with periods of smooooth movement.

    I’m also not groov’n on the music and where it is placed…and the Knitty Cam shots are really hard to see.

    Just my opinion…still love the show…still love’ya Ms. V…congrats on becoming Mrs. C.

    Harbor City, CA

  2. Stacey B.

    I’d like to know where you got the pattern for the shrug you wore on The Better Sweater episode aired 4-5-7. It looks like a Noro type yarn was used. That shrug would be a great topic for a future show! I’d love to make one for myself!
    Congratulations on your marriage!

  3. Jessica

    Hey, Vicky!

    I just wanted to give you props for the new season- I am really enjoying these new episodes. I almost cried when my stupid DVR screwed up recording Stef Japel’s episode yesterday- glad to see they will re-air it.

    (And, I feel kinda dumb posting this here but I noticed that when you print Cookie’s sock pattern from the show website, it doesn’t print the chart with the pattern. You have to download the chart separately… Just a friendly suggestion!)

  4. kim

    Hi, Vickie. On today’s knitbit, you showed corrugated cardboard to hold needles and then tossed them into your bag. Can you tell me what brand that bag is? I thought it was so adorable, and it seems the perfect size for small projects. Thanks!

  5. Amber G.

    Thanks for the info, my girls and I watch every day(even repeat episodes). It’s our “Mommy-Daughter” time.

  6. jaime

    okay–first off. CONGRATS!!!! what a great wedding/honeymoon! i had a feeling that you’d run off and get hitched without telling all of us!

    second–YAY for new knitty gritty. although, it’s going to take some getting used to the new “format”

    and i’m sure that at this point i sound like a broken record, but—knitty gritty on dvd?? ever??? maybe???? please?????????

  7. Vickie Howell

    Steve–Yikes, I haven’t seen any of the new episodes yet. I’ll make a point to watch at least one today so I can comment on the new format. The difference is that they edited the show later instead of live so that they could take the best stuff/info from all of the takes instead of relying on one to get everything. It was sooooo much easier to host that way but ai have to admit, I was a little nervous about how myself or the producers would not be around during the editing process. The knittycam was also shot differently–they didn’t use a jib (camera on a long arm) this time around. Instead they tried the cooking show method of shooting into a mirror and when that didn’t work, they went for a tripod and a guy on a ladder. Go figure. Anyway, sorry it’s not working for you. I’ll comment more, as soon as I can. πŸ™‚

    Staceyb-I’m glad you like the shrug. I knit that up during the knitbit shoots this past go around. πŸ™‚ It’s the One Skein Wonder shrug, by Stefanie Japel. You can find it on her site: http://www.glampyreknits.com.

    Jessica–Thanks! I’ll pass your suggestion to the web folks.

    Kim-I can’t remember which bag I used for that knit bit, but I’m pretty sure that all of the bags we used this past season were either by Jordana Paige (www.jordanapaige.com) or Lexie Barnes (www.lexiebarnes.com. HTH!

    Amber–Awww, that’s really nice to hear.

    Jaime- Thanks! Yeah, I think I needed something in my life to be private and the wedding was that. It was sooo amazing! Anyway, thanks for the well wishes. πŸ™‚
    There are no plans to put KG on dvd but there has been talks about making them downloadable through Amazon. I’ll keep you posted!


  8. Deanna

    RE: Editing – It seems like they are cutting to the knitty cam shots too late. By the time I’ve figured out how the fingers and yarn are postitioned, the guest has already shown the technique. And it seems like there has been less “show us that again”. I had a hard time seeing Cookie A’s short row wraps. I have enjoyed the seasons guests!

  9. Celise

    Season 8 so far is so fab. I still consider myself a beginner knitter after 3 years but I just love to PVR your shows and watch, watch, watch. Idea to ponder? Have you thought of putting together a box set of all your shows?

  10. Catherine

    Hope this gets thru… as it seems my messages don’t make it anymore.

    I also dislike the way Knitty Gritty is shot. Have they moved to a High Def way of filming. It is like watching one of the ABC soaps.

    Knitty Cam I have always loved and the special effort you made in getting the stitches and techniques in our view. However now I would have to agree that they are had to see now.

    I am very excited about new episodes. With the time change I have to delete my Martha Stewart episodes so I can tape your show but it is worth it!

  11. Knitting Mama

    Congrats on the wedding. I’m a Canadian who gets American TV (YEY) so I get DIY! Today, though, you mentioned about skein winders – like Scout made herself (not the swift, the other skein winder). I did not see anywhere a link to it – can you let us know where we can find it??!

  12. lindsey

    Hi Vickie,

    I’m really glad about the new season of Knitty Gritty. I love it when my tivo is full of new episodes! Anyway, I just wanted to say that I agree with Steve, and the knitty cam is really jerky and hard to follow. My vote is to go back to the old way (with the jib) because that was working. Great job on the new season and congrats on your recent wedding!


  13. Julie FMW

    I agree about the resemblence to AMC. I also miss the list of supplies needed for the projects. I still love your show and make reference to it every time I go to my knitting class. This hobby is new for me and has made my chemotherepy and recovery a productive time in my life…knit on

  14. Anonymous

    I love Knitty Gritty!! It rocks!! Every day, i get home from school and watch it on my DVR. Also, Not another teen knitting book is one of my favorite books!! Is there another book for teens in the making?? If so, i will make SURE that I am the first one to buy it!!

    Knit on!!

  15. Anonymous

    I have to agree that I’m not in love with the new format (but I love the content!). I have noticed several time when the camera was on the guest’s face instead of the stitches she or he was doing on the knitty cam.

    Thanks for giving such a fresh look at knitting!


  16. SYNIK44

    Hi Vickie!
    LOVE the show – I am an addict, but my BF is ready to kill me because I have like 20 episodes saved on our DVR and I refuse to erase them because I like to refer back to them. Please, please, please ask them to put the show on DVD (or download would be fine)!
    Also, I agree, the new camera movements are odd – kinda jerky – but as always, you and the show are both fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing all your great ideas and tips (knit bits are my favorite part of the show.)

  17. Anonymous

    I had the episode of Celebrity Scarves DVR’d and it broke, so I lost all my Knitty Gritty recordings. I want to make that scarf, but can’t find a pattern (I know it is a random scarf) or a picture of it. Can you post a picture somewhere? Thank you so much!

  18. Vickie Howell

    Hmmm, I’m not sure there’s a picture anymore. I believe though that she just got a bunch of colors in the same palette and alternated garter stitch stripes with them. Sorry, that episode was shot 5 years ago, so info on it isn’t available. πŸ™