Tonight (possibly) on Extreme Makeover Home Edition!

Me wearing the official EMHE volunteer blue shirt, sewing a knitted piece to one of the trees.
Well, it’s been almost a year since my buddy Noelle and I drove out to Bastrop, TX to participate in the shoot for this amazing build, and it’s finally time for the episode to air! I’m not sure whether or not we ended up on the editing floor, but keep your peepers open for some of us volunteers and our yarn bombing. Also, maybe making an appearance is the Sheep(ish) Zig-zag Stocking that will hopefully be hanging on the Zdroj family’s mantel. Tune in to ABC at 8pm/7pm CT to check it out! Oh, and to see more of my behind-the-scenes photos, go here.
Below I’ve pasted the original post about this particular build and shoot. If you feel inspired to add a little yarn bombing cheer to your house (or maybe someone’s who could use some extra, holiday love), please also visit where my tips and a recipe for a trunk cozy are posted. Enjoy!

Originally posted 12/16/11
This week I was honored to be able to participate in Extreme Makeover Home Edition‘s build of a local, Texas home. The efforts were to benefit a much deserving family of five who, while working as volunteer fire fighters to help relief efforts, lost their own home in the devastating fires that struck Bastrop in September. 

The mother in the family is also an artist and crafter, who loves the D.I.Y aesthetic, so the producers called me (thanks to a hook-up by my former Knitty Gritty executives who now work on the show) to see if I’d be willing to help. I jumped at the chance.

Thanks to Caron, we were able to donate a bunch of Sheep(ish) for volunteers to make ornaments and these stockings for the family. They also asked if I would yarn bomb a few of the trees that although charred by the flames, will apparently triumph come Springtime. The day before the shoot, I whipped up a few pieces on my Ultimate Sweater Machine. Even though we had only minutes to put them on the trees so they look a wee bit janky, the site of the warm, bright colors–symbols of hope– on the wounded trunks is pretty beautiful. 

Here are a few, iPhone shots from the experience.
A Little Love for Burnt Trees
Designer/co-host Tracy Hutson & volunteer crafter, chatting in front of the cameras.

A little lumpy, but extra cozy.

Stay tuned for this episode, so you can see the amazing home & studio the team built for this family. It’ll air next year for Christmas. 


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