Today in Craft Gossip

Today I feel like dishing the latest in craft community news.  This of course, is because I’m avoiding editing a promo video at all costs.  Now, I know that me procrasting comes as a huge shock to most of you, so I’ll give you a moment to collect yourself and grab some coffee before I begin. 😉

Ready?  Ok good.  In no particular order, here you go:
  • First and foremost, a big hooray for fellow Austin Craft Mafia member Susann Koehane (and her hubby John) for being preggers!  May she have a healthy, happy pregnancy filled love and celebration.  I have a feeling that she’s just the first of us to jump on the inevitable baby train in our group (Jen A. and I don’t count because we’re ol’ veterans, at this point).   Doesn’t she look SO beautiful!  *happy sigh*
  • It’s Administrative Assistants week which of course, means that a big ol’ sale is happening over at Naughty Secretary Club!  My pal Jennifer has slashed prices by 25% for the entire week (hurry, only a couple more days left!).    I personally find her latest revamped vintage necklaces, worth the price of admission themselves!

  • Speaking of Ms. Perkins, yesterday she officially announced the anticipated arrival of her very first book:  The Naughty Secretary Club: The Working Girl’s Guide to Handmade Jewelry.  It’s not out until August, but you can check out her blog now for info on what’s inside and how to pre-order.  I’ve seen most of the book’s content and let me tell ya, it’s soul-hurting cute–I’m so proud of her!

  • Although the beloved Adorn magazine is alas, no longer, Knit.1 (put out by the same publisher) is still holding on to hopefully, a long life.  Sadly though, printing has gone done from 4 issues a year to 3.  Viva las printed publications!
  • Kathy Cano Murillo and her husband Patrick Murillo have teamed up to create a life size installation piece called “La Casa Murillo: A Life Size Shadow Box”.  If you’re in the Arizona area, you’ll be able to see all 900 sq ft of it at the Heard Museum for the next 6 months!  A family that arts together, is a family who stays together. 🙂  Oh, and you can find more Crafty Chica goodness at the Phoenix Indie Craftorama!
  • Jenny Hart’s going to be at the ICE craft fair in Atlanta this summer so if you’re planning on going too, make sure to search her out!  While you’re at it, check out her latest project : Sublime Stitching Craft Pad.  It’s got more than 75 embroidery patterns for only $12.95–that’s like 17 cents a pattern!  That my friends, is some stitching goodness.  Jenny’s also in the line-up of guests for the 2nd season of my podcast, CRL!
  • Speaking of CRL, I’ll be doing a larger annuncement + giveaway post sometime over the next coupla weeks.  In the meantime though, if you’d like a preview of guests and show dates they’re available on my website here.
  • The latest hot gossip for me is that I just signed on to be the needle arts expert for the Lifetime Television website!  I’ll be hosting five, 5 minute holiday project videos that you’ll be able to click & see as of this summer (make sure to check out Kathy’s though, in the meantime)!  As you’ve probably figured out by now, there’s not likely to be anymore new Knitty Grittys so I’m thrilled that I’ll still be able to craft in all of your homes with you, via the web.  I’m also working on some possible mobile phone programming and Barnes & Noble videos so not to worry, I’m not going anywhere!  Oh, and don’t forget, the Knitty Gritty 1-hour special will be airing this summer. 🙂
  • Lastly, I’m SO excited that Knit Aid is finally in the warehouse and headed my way so I can fill all of your signed-copy orders (I hear that Amazon has already started shipping their orders)!  Next week I’ll try and post a little sneak preview of the inside of the book.  I’m really proud of this this one.  It’s informative, fun to read & learn from (at least I hope), well laid out, and really useful–more so than any of my other books (and half the price!)  I apologize in advance for the gajillion “aid” related puns in it (what can I say, they entertain me during the writing process) but in return for you bearing with me on that, I’m donating a percentage of royalties to the Red Cross.  

Order your signed copy here NOW for only $7.95+ $3 shipping!
Oh, and I’ve recently succumbed to the voyeuristic time-sucker that is, Twitter.  If you’re interested in following up-to-the-minute updates from the likes of myself, Craft Magazine, Etsy, Jennifer P, Crafty Chica, etc.–just got to Twitter.com to sign up.  Here’s the link to follow me: http://twitter.com/VickieHowell.     Trust me, you’re not missing anything on my part–just boring daily routine posts.  Snory Mc Snorville.  The Craft one is worth it though because they post links what seems like hourly, to projects on their site.
That’s it for today.   Peace.  Out.  Craftside!
P.S.  ATTENTION: PATRICIA GUERRERO!  If you’re reading this please contact rebecca@vickiehowell.com with your address.  Yours is the only one I don’t have from the Stitches West orders.  Thanks!

12 Responses to “Today in Craft Gossip”

  1. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    You are so sweet to mention my book and sale. I heart you by the way and I swear – you, me and the gym will be reunited next week.

    Can’t wait to see you on Lifetime.com. Vickie Howell AND Project Runway, Lifetime is about to be one of new favorite networks!

  2. Nicole

    I got my copy of Knit Aid in the mail today! I was so excited I skipped all the way back from the mailbox. I *heart* it!

  3. mixtapezine

    OMG! I just went to you CRL link and am blown away by the guests you have coming up YAY YAY YAY!!
    Well done on the release of Knit Aid as well

  4. MamaKaren

    OK, now I am following you in Twitter! Also, I have made a note to myself to get my act together and subscribe to Knit1, so that the publishers know that I am buying it on a regular basis. I’d hate to see the number of issues dwindle further because of potential readership issues.

  5. Liz

    I like this newsy, chatty blog entry – it gives me lots to chew…. errrr knit on. Congrats on the book and the Lifetime gig.

  6. margknittinaround

    Fabulous updates for everyone! Keep’m Comin’ – can’t wait for CRL/Lifetime,and my Knit Aid is right where I can see it! Go Red! marg