Thrice the crochet goodness!!

Hey, everyone! It’s Valentines Day and what better way to celebrate than by showing a little love for crochet and OMGURSOHAWT rock bands?! (Bear with me here.)
Today, the new issue of Knit.1 Magazine hit the shelves featuring both my Travel Wrap design as well as my interview with Thrice’s babelicious bassist, Eddie Breckinridge! I spent a day on tour with him and his band, hanging out and chatting about his two passions: music and crochet.
The issue also includes world-travel inspired projects, an ode to pirates, “Mile High Club” projects and handy-to-know knitting phrases in 11 languages! All that to say, uber Editor-in-chief Adina Klein put together a fantastic looking issue. As my friend Jennifer Perkins said to me today while we were looking at the issue for the first time, “Man, this magazine totally makes me want to learn how to knit. There’s some CUTE stuff in here!”. I know I’m kinda biased, but I’d have to agree. Speaking of Ms. Perkins, her Naughty Secretary Club jewelry is sprinkled throughout the issue. Because, after all everything is better, crafting included, when accessorized. Soooo, while you’re out frantically searching for last minute cards and flowers, stop on by your local news stand and pick up a copy. Oh, and don’t forget to give your favorite knitter or crocheter a big V-Day kiss for me!

Stay tuned for bonus material…


And now, aformentioned bonus material:
These are a few shots not seen in the article from my day with Thrice.

Eddie and me, shopping for yarn at Hill Country Weavers in Austin.

It was frrrrrrrrrrreeezing the day we met, so Eddie was kind enough to crochet me a beenie. This is him working on it, minutes before he’s supposed to go on stage.

Here it is finished…

Learn more about Thrice here!

The end.

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  1. Geoff

    My mom loves your show on the diy network and I absolutely love Thrice. Seems natural. Isn’t Eddie on of the greatest guys? He’s my bass idol.