This Week on Crafty TV

Date: Friday, March 6th
Time: 6:30am ET
Episode: AlterKnitive!
Cutting edge knitwear designer John Brinegar (Psst!  He’s also a contributing designer to my upcoming book, Pop Goes Crochet) shares techniques for taking your knitting from drab to fab in order to really make a personal statement. Techniques include experimental knitting with drop stitches, embellishing with chains and safety pins, and unusual seaming methods. John then tops it all off by demonstrating a bold hat that is a piece of art in and of itself, which incorporates many of these techniques.

xo, Vickie

5 Responses to “This Week on Crafty TV”

  1. Jennie

    Is there any way to catch these things online? Every week I read what fab things are happening, but as an English grrl in Austria (which the knitting revolution seems to have passed by, by the way) I can’t tune in in the conventional manner.

    Great blog, keeps me inspired! Thanks, Jennie

  2. KnitXcorE

    awwwies! i love john.
    i doubt i’ll be awake that early, but i guess it’s a good enough reason to set the alarm.

  3. Head Bather

    Going to set the DVR now, can’t wait for the book, maybe this episode will make me consider the needles again.

  4. knittychick

    My DVR is set to record KG on HGTV and DIY so I want miss the repeats and any new ones that may come along. I love KG! Thanks Vickie.