This Week in (Craft) News

Thanks to all of you who added Make it Mine Magazine as a MySpace friend, over the weekend! The winners of a free issue area:

1. Gator
2. Becca Doherty
3. Gingerbear
4. Vintage Rehab
5. Nichole Burke

If you didn’t win this one don’t forget, Jennifer’s holding a similar contest on her blog this week! Also, as promised, I’ll be giving away something new this week (and every week until Knit Aid hits shelves), so stay tuned!

If you find yourself at a news stand in the near future, check out my latest Eco-Craft column in KIWI Magazine.  This one features old-school pot holders, made from recycled hosiery!
I love Interweave’s newest magazine, Crochet!  So much so, that I e-mailed editor Kim Werker and asked if I could do something, anything, to be a part of it.  She was kind enough to let me launch their newest feature, “Crochet Around Town” with my article focusing on Austin.  I had so much fun blabbing about my ideal day around town–so come take a tour with me, won’t you?


6 Responses to “This Week in (Craft) News”

  1. Sonia

    Great article,love your crochet hook!Could you tell me who it is made buy?

  2. angeljuliet

    I ADORE your crochet hook. What kind is it? I’ve been dabbling in crochet lately and am very displeased with the aluminum hooks that I have…